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ReGen Rehab Hospital Unveils Its First-Ever “Recipes For Recovery” Experience


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ReGen Rehab Hospital (“ReGen Rehab”), the first private rehabilitation hospital in Malaysia licensed by the Ministry of Health, played host to its first-ever “Recipes For Recovery” workshop – an exclusive experience revealing the essential ingredients for the best outcomes of recovery.

In an era where healthcare takes centre stage, ReGen Rehab crafted an enriching experience for patients and caregivers alike, ensuring that each participant departed with a deeper understanding of rehabilitation and recovery education for a wide array of medical conditions, including orthopaedic, post-stroke, geriatric & elderly care, and post-surgical patients.

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Mr Hanafi Salehuddin, CEO of ReGen Rehab Hospital

Mr. Hanafi Salehuddin, Chief Executive Officer of ReGen Rehab, expressed the profound impact of the event, stating, “Our Recipes For Recovery experience stands as a living embodiment of our unwavering commitment of “Bringing You Back” to your best self. With one of the highest proportions of therapists with subspecialty training in a rehabilitation hospital, we are continuously aiming to elevate our quality of care, exceeding recovery expectations. I am immensely proud of the role ReGen Rehab plays in leading the best rehabilitative practices in Malaysia for the benefit of patients and caregivers alike.”

As the first private specialist rehabilitation hospital in the country licensed by the Ministry of Health, ReGen Rehab stands at the forefront of the rehabilitation industry in Malaysia, leading a transformative course in the realm of healthcare. With a range of inpatient, outpatient, and day rehabilitation services, ReGen Rehab has consistently set new standards for rehabilitative services, earning recognition as an innovator in holistic patient care.

Amidst an ambiance charged with anticipation, the event unfolded as a warm invitation to rehabilitation patients, caregivers, and even individuals captivated by the intricacies of rehabilitative recovery. The holistic approach to rehabilitation championed by ReGen Rehab emerged as the central theme, creating an inclusive space for all attendees.

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Datin Dr. Lydia Abdul Latif, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Rehabilitation Physician at ReGen Rehab Hospital

Datin Dr. Lydia Abdul Latif, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Rehabilitation Physician of ReGen Rehab, who led the charge in unravelling the hardships of rehabilitative recovery remarked, “Our primary objective with ‘Recipes For Recovery’ is to educate the public with a deep understanding of rehabilitation and its many facets. Recovery is a dynamic process where different ingredients—be it medical expertise, therapeutic approaches, or nutritional guidance—blend seamlessly to create a transformative experience of recovery. When all the above factors come into play, patients would experience faster recovery with better outcomes, optimising their quality of life and well-being, hence translating to overall lower medical and social costs.”

The event transcended traditional healthcare narratives, where learning met delight. Four captivating highlights awaited the public:


Illusions, Delusions, Confusions on Recovery

Photo 3
Ms. Wong Ming Sze, Occupational Therapist at ReGen Rehab Hospital

Photo 13

Conducted by Datin Dr. Lydia and ReGen Rehab experts, the talk dispelled myths and misconceptions surrounding rehabilitative recovery. Rather than just presenting information, it spotlighted the indispensable roles played by various experts, including Rehabilitation Physicians, multi-speciality therapists, rehabilitation-trained nurses, and dietitians. Each expert’s contribution was highlighted, emphasising that in the journey to rehabilitation recovery, each piece is as crucial as the other.

Hands-on activities were also demonstrated during the talks, ensuring all participants were allowed to fully immerse themselves in understanding the struggles of rehab patients, and the roles the ReGen Rehab experts play in their road to rehabilitative recovery.


Recovery Cookout 

Photo 6
In a workshop led by Ms. Yap Lai Yin, Dietitian at ReGen Rehab Hospital

Photo 9

ReGen Rehab’s dietitian and occupational therapy team hosted a “one-hand-on” Meal Preparation Demonstration, where participants had to cook using only one hand, with the other hand in an arm sling; this showcased the complexities rehabilitation patients face in relearning daily living activities. The engaging activity, product-sponsored by Quaker™ Malaysia, seamlessly merged the joy of cooking with the science of nutrition as a key recovery tool; reinforcing ReGen Rehab’s commitment to inclusive health practices.


All-You-Can-Eat Rehab

Photo 11

Photo 12

Attendees were treated to a healthy buffet spread that surpassed the confines of a healthy meal. The feast presented delicious and nutritious dishes that not only nourished the body but captured the essence of holistic recovery. The infusion of Quaker™ Malaysia within the menu for the day also highlighted its ability to increase bodily fibre and lower blood sugar levels for rehabilitation patients; important factors to consider when crafting one’s own recipe for recovery.


Check Me Out

Photo 4

Free Health Consultations were made available for participants as well, providing an open and trusted space where health concerns found valuable solutions and generous support. This segment underscored ReGen Rehab’s commitment to comprehensive well-being, extending beyond physical health to encompass the emotional and relational aspects of individual and familial healthcare journeys.

Photo 7
Quaker™ Malaysia supported ReGen Rehab Hospital in product-sponsoring “Recipes For Recovery

As the event came to a close, ReGen Rehab invited the public to partake in an exciting social media contest – Craft your most delicious and nutritious meal plan, submit it to ReGen Rehab’s social media, and stand a chance to win a host of Quaker™ Malaysia and ReGen Rehab products worth up to RM3,000! Your culinary creativity and commitment to well-being could make you a winner, but more importantly, it could help you create your own “Recipes For Recovery”!

As the “Recipes For Recovery” experience came to a close, participants walked out the door with a new understanding of the struggles rehabilitation patients face daily, and ReGen Rehab’s role to the public in “Bringing You Back” to one’s best self.

For more information on Rehabilitative Recovery Programmes and ReGen Rehab’s role in your “Recipes For Recovery”, you may visit their website or social media pages – Facebook and Instagram.


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