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Reckless Driver Nearly Takes Lives of Family of 3, Poses Happily for A TikTok After


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In an incident that recently stirred outrage among netizens online, a reckless driver narrowly avoided causing a serious accident while speeding.

The video posted by the victim shows a couple cars racing down the highway before crashing onto the side of her car, causing it to spin in oncoming traffic.

Scarily, the accident involved the family of three, including a 6-month-old baby. They were driving their Myvi car on the highway when suddenly they were hit hard by the speeding Honda Civic.

This caused their Myvi to spin out of control on the road, terrifying the family who narrowly escaped a fatal accident.




Absurd non-remorseful posting to social media

After the incident, not only did the perpetrators take a joyful selfie making a “victory” sign at the accident scene, they even posted it with the caption,

“Don’t panic when something happens, just post a TikTok to relieve stress.”


This translation of the Chinese characters seems to be a type of posting trend after an accident. Despite it being so, causing someone an almost accident with such a post is absolutely distasteful.

When asked how he felt during the accident, he shamelessly claims to be excited.


The car at fault was carrying three young men, including the driver.

The other poor car involved in the accident due to their reckless driving shared her experience on Facebook saying that they’ve been on the road since 9am from Jitra, Kedah and were just 40 minutes away from reaching Melaka.

However, their car was suddenly violently rear-ended by a speeding Honda Civic.

The woman recounted that their car spun out of control, terrifying them. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer serious injuries and narrowly escaped the ordeal. She criticized the reckless behavior of the driver.

Later, the woman appeared to confront the driver about the accident, expressing relief that they were unharmed. However, she questioned what would have happened if the situation had been different. She mentioned they were close to reaching Melaka but now their Myvi was severely damaged, and she demanded compensation from the driver.

The video shows that the driver responsible for the accident did not respond throughout and quickly avoided the camera when it was pointed at him.


Netizens were outraged

Understandably, many were angered by such a situation. The reckless speeding of these young men could’ve caused the innocent lives of another – not to mention they had a 6-month baby onboard!

“They almost cost a family their lives. How can they still pose happily for a TikTok??” one user said.

“The lack of remorse from these boys are jaw-dropping. We hope that the lady filed a police report against them so they can be taken off the road!” another wrote.


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Source: China Press
Source: China Press
Source: China Press
Source: China Press

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