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“Please buy from him!” – This Old Uncle in KL Sells Porridge For ONLY RM3


Source: Follow Me To Eat La

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It’s really sad to know that people are struggling just to make ends meet.

Recently, Auntie Lilly from Follow Me To Eat La took to her blog to showcase an elderly uncle who sells porridge in OUG. What’s more, he sells it for only RM3!

Porridge 1

She wrote, “Auntie Lilly just had to share this favourite stall of mine, the porridge stall at OUG Jalan Hujan Emas 4, right in front of MJ Optical.

“This uncle has been in business for many decades selling his ware – simple & delicious porridge for only RM3 per bowl or per pack.”

For such an affordable price, the porridge comes with a selection of meats that you can mix and match.

Porridge 3

But, just like every other small business, this uncle is struggling due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic as most of his customers have stopped coming by.

“The business has been slow for the poor, old uncle due to the CMCO as he told me that all his regular customers have stopped coming by for takeaways.

“During these trying times, I hope that this post of mine will be able to spread the existence of such old-school classic stalls which without our continuous support, would cease to exist,” she added.

Porridge 2

Auntie Lilly’s friend, Luqman Saidi even took extra initiatives to help the uncle, by offering to pay RM30 to treat his non-Muslim friends (because the uncle’s porridge isn’t Halal) who are willing to purchase 10 packets of porridge from the uncle.

“Hi my non-Muslim friends, I want to treat you to this porridge. DM me and I’ll transfer the money to you for 10 packets. You just need to buy from this uncle, share it with your family and colleagues and tag me and Auntie Lilly. Just need a photo to prove you actually bought from him,” Luqman wrote.

Porridge 5

Kudos to Auntie Lilly and Luqman for not only spreading awareness on this uncle’s struggles but also showing how during hard times, Malaysians will come together as one – despite the race.

Just like this uncle, there are many hawkers out there who are struggling to survive and are willing to work hard to earn a decent living for themselves. Hence, it is ethical, fair and right that we do our part by purchasing our breakfasts, lunches and dinners from them on days where we choose not to cook at home.

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