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Photos: Malaysians Bought Cool Mirror Online But Turned Out to Be Hilarious Nightmare



Source: mStar & Twitter @Sam_Sawdy

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Most of us have had our fair share of experiencing failed online shopping experiences where the items we received ended up looking completely different from they were marketed.

This 22-year-old guy from Seremban shared his hilarious experience purchasing a set of decal mirrors from one of the online shopping platforms. As Muhammad Zahirrudin Baharin received the item on Monday (8 June), he was shocked to see a strange reflection after installing the 12-piece hexagonal mirror onto his wall.

Who dis?

So he shared a screenshot of his review on the mirror, rating one star for the supposedly “aesthetically pleasing” item.


In the screenshot, his review wrote:

“Even though the size is small, it looks completely different from the (seller’s) picture. My reflection looks like sh*t too. My face that actually looks decent instantly turned into Shrek. Damn you, seller. This is considered misleading information. Luckily I was smart enough to purchase just a few first.”

This hilarious experience was shared by Zahir’s friend on Twitter (@Sam_Sawdy), and the young man told mStar that he did not expect his encounter to gain such a massive response on Twitter with 55k retweets and 66k likes.

According to mStar, Zahir was entertained when his face suddenly became crooked when he was fixing his hair in front of the mirror, and his reflection reminded him of Shrek.

He revealed that he saw this mirror on TikTok which piqued his interest, so he ordered a set from China and the item arrived after two weeks.

“I was supposed to use it as a decoration for my room. When the mirror arrived, I took a look at one mirror piece and thought it looked different from what was shown on the seller’s page.”

“I thought it’s fine, so I tried arranging the pieces and installed them onto the wall.”

“It looked even worse after I installed the mirror. I shared this experience with my friends on WhatsApp, and one of them posted it on Twitter.”

Although this seems like a disappointing shopping experience, Zahir expressed that he wanted to keep the mirror on his wall for memory’s sake.

“I didn’t throw it away, and I just left it on the wall. It’s fine because the mirror can still be used. At least I can use it when I comb my hair.”

Receiving unsatisfying items can be quite common when it comes to online shopping, but we are still amused and entertained by Zahir’s review!

Seeing how relatable his experience was, other Twitter users also shared their hilarious selfies in front of their hexagonal mirror set:

Maybe it’s not that disappointing after all since we had a good laugh thanks to these faulty items.

We’re sure some of you can relate to this, be it a mirror, clothes or furniture. If you’ve had similar experiences, doshare it with us in the comments section!


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