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Online Group Chat Teaches Girls How to Lose Weight by Using a Plastic Pipe to Induce Vomiting



Source: Oriental Daily

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Excessive vomiting for the purpose of losing weight is a very serious psychological issue that many girls suffer from. Instead of losing weight the proper way by exercising or eating healthier, these girls think that they can lose weight quicker if they just don’t allow their bodies to digest food at all.

Recently, it was revealed that in China, there is a community on a social media platform that comes together to guide people on the various ways of inducing vomiting in order to lose weight. This includes using a thin and long plastic hose that is inserted through a person’s throat to induce vomiting.

Experts have said that vomiting frequently is very harmful as the acid in the stomach will gradually corrode the esophagus, and can even “affect fertility”, reported Oriental Daily.

This is probably why people have started using plastic hoses to draw out the food in their stomachs. It was reported that the community on the group chat has three methods of vomiting – by pressing the back of their throat with their hand, by using the hoses to guide the food out, and by vomiting naturally without external force.

In the case of using the plastic hose, there was a girl who needed to take a modelling entrance exam and spent nearly eight months trying to lose weight. She had already went from being 85kg to being 35kg, but in order to maintain her figure, she turned to the group chat for help.

She learned how to use the tube to guide the food out of her stomach, but this had caused her to lose her appetite. She also began suffering from anorexia and bulimia, which resulted in many psychological problems.

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In another case, a 14-year-old girl also suffered from obsessive vomiting. This caused an electrolyte imbalance in her body with symptoms such as dizziness and swelling of limbs.

She said that she had been manually pressing her throat with her fingers to induce vomiting for more than a year until the method stopped working as she became no longer sensitive to it. So, she sought help from people in the group chat and learned to use the plastic tube as well.

These tubes measure to be about 1cm to 3cm in diameter and 65cm to 90cm long. They are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or silicone materials and are sold on an unknown e-commerce platform for 30 to 38 yuan (RM17 to RM22).

Source: Twitter

According to some sellers, the number of group chats managed by them has increased from 256 to 500 in just one month. This shows that the market is growing bigger by the day.

Omg, this doesn’t look good at all! Why is such a large online community encouraging young girls out there to lose weight by vomiting? Hopefully word gets out and the authorities will do something about this!


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