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No “Happy Ending”! Reflexologist in Seremban Shares How to Spot Red Flags at Massage Centres


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Source: NS Business & Unsplash & TikTok | amir_mengurut

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A good massage can be a good reward after a long, hectic day at work. If you’re looking for a “happy ending”, then this really isn’t for you. Not everyone needs a happy ending at the massage centre, and if you’re wondering how to spot the red flags in a massage centre, this might just be what you need.

Just recently, a reflexologist in Seremban, Amir shared the red flags of a massage centre via his TikTok post, and according to him, there are 3 simple ways to detect the possibility of a “happy ending”.

  • “First impression”

First and foremost, the external look of the massage centre itself. Think of the “first impression” when you’re meeting someone new, and apply it to what you feel when looking at the general outlook of the massage centre that you’re visiting. If you’re not feeling good about what you see, that’s probably your cue to leave.

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“However, it doesn’t necessarily work that way all the time. Some may look suspicious, but they don’t provide happy ending services,” Amir added.

  • “Roger that”

The other way to tell the possibility of a “happy ending” is by seeing how the employees at the centre communicate with each other. If everyone is equipped with a walkie-talkie, Amir said the chances of happy ending services are highly likely.

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And why is that?

“In they spot policemen or if there’s a chance for a raid, they can inform each other immediately through walkie-talkie,” Amir explained.

  • Do you even know how to massage?

Last but not least, Amir said that from what his customers have told him, some of the “therapists” who provide “happy endings” don’t even know how to give their customers a proper massage.

“They’ll just press your body for a little bit before the seducing games begin.”

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Amir said that he’s sharing these tips for those who have no idea how to do so, and not a “reference” for others to find a “happy ending” at a massage centre.

You can watch and listen to the clip below.


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What are the other red flags that you think we can possibly spot at a massage centre?


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