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Netizens Make Jokes & Memes About Apple’s Upcoming Self-Driving, Windowless & VR-Equipped Car


Car Solo W
Source: VR Scout & Pinterest

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There is no doubt that Apple is a household name for consumer electronic devices such as laptops, handphones and tablets. But can the brand pull off an entire self-driving, windowless and VR-equipped automotive vehicle?

According to Lifewire, an Apple car has apparently been in the works since 2014 when CEO Tim Cook reportedly approved a car project named Titan. 



Last year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that the brand’s car chief, Kevin Lynch is pushing for the announcement of the car as early as 2025.

And like the brand’s signature iPhones and MacBooks, speculations about what Apple’s first generation of cars would feature are never scarce.

Black Windowless


Besides a refocus on creating a fully autonomous car, VR Scout reports that there is one new patent filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office that is grabbing the attention of Apple fans and industry experts.

It is reported that Apple’s self-driving car would also be windowless and feature “an in-car VR entertainment system”. 


Jokes and memes

This new development as well as it’s rumoured design, has attracted jokes and memes from Twitter users.

One user rhetorically asked why anyone would want to “enjoy a nice breeze” while driving when they can watch “a mermaid flipping in water” using the integrated VR technology.

Joke I


Another essentially called the replacement of windows with VR tech redundant. 

Joke 2


Besides that, some users joked about how the car looks like an Apple mouse. 

Mouse 1

Mouse 2


Another user made a very interesting observation about how Apple could be doing this on purpose as a jab at Windows, their rival.



On a more serious note, one user mentioned that having a windowless car is not a good idea because people could go insane.



Have you been keeping up with the developments of the Apple car? What are your predictions?


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Source: VR Scout
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