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“My Daddy Is A Bomba,”, Child Shares How Hard It Is For Father As A Malaysian Fire Fighter



Source: Facebook

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Even though many are in favour of our boys in blue and orange, you have to admit their jobs are not easy.

But their jobs are certainly not easy and not everyone can do what our police officers and firefighters do on a daily basis.

We’ll let the child of a Malaysian fireman tell you how difficult it truly is to be a firefighter, as shared by the Friends of Bomba Malaysia Facebook page.

DADDY SAYA SEORANG ANGGOTA BOMBA 🚒Daddy saya seorang anggota bomba, dia memandu sebuah trak merah besar..Dan apabila…

Posted by Friends of Bomba Malaysia on Sunday, March 1, 2020

They wrote, “My daddy is a Bomba. He drives a big red truck. When he heads off for work everyday, he’ll say, ‘Mummy, please pray for us’. Sometimes, he won’t even make it home until it’s the very next day. But the things that makes me the most sad is the things that people would say. ‘The life of a firefighter is easy, they eat, sleep and play around’. When I first heard those words, I was too young to understand. But when people needed help, my daddy would always be there to lend a hand.”

Source: Facebook

“I asked him he would risk his life for strangers. But now I know that the biggest gift a man can give is his own life so that others are safe and can continue living. Pray for our firefighters so that they can continue saving the lives of your loved ones,” they added.

Source: Facebook

Our firefighters not only save our lives, they save our homes, our memories, as well as animals that require help.

We should truly appreciate the brave men and women who put themselves in harms way in order for the rest of us to be safe.

Friend’s of Bomba Malaysia’s posting has since garnered over 508 shares.

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