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M’sians Share How Grated Lux Bar Soaps Can Help Keep White Clothes, White!


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Source: Selangor My Hometown 我来自雪兰莪

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Many of us have tried out various brands of detergents that guarantee to keep our white clothing items, white. However, many of these brands don’t actually work.

But perhaps this unconventional method might just work and keep your white clothes, white.

The Selangor My Home 我来自雪兰莪 Facebook page took to their profile to showcase how nurses keep their uniforms sparkling white by using shredded Lux bar soaps!

Lux 1

They wrote, “It turns out nurses use Lux to wash their clothes, that’s why it’s so white and fragrant.”


Based on their instructions, here’s how you can use Lux soaps to keep your white clothes, white:

Firstly, you’ll have to use a grater to shred the soap bars.

Lux 2

Then, you’ll have to leave your clothes to soak overnight with some of the grated Lux soap and water.

Lux 3

The next day, add a little more of the grated soap and a bit of laundry powder into the washing machine and wash away!

Lux 4

Many have since taken to the comment section of the posting to share the effectiveness of this method, including for girls who have to endure blood staining.

Lux 1

This comment goes, “I also use this method to wash white clothing. Especially around the collar.”

Lux 2

This comment reads, “I’ve tried it and it was really good to use. I was hurt before, my clothes got bloody and I used Lux soap, it was really quick to clean it up and it smells good. But, I used the white one, because I am afraid that the coloured soap will dye the clothes. Do you use the pink one? Because the pink one smells really good, I prefer the smell of the pink one.”

We honestly cannot wait to give this a try for ourselves, and so should you! Because, who knows, this could very well be the answer to all your white clothing problems!

Have you tried this before? Let us know what you think in the comment section. 


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