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M’sians in Klang Valley are Resigning from Their Jobs Because They Cannot Tahan the Crazy Traffic


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Source: Kosmo & 123RF

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The traffic in Klang Valley is NO JOKE, and those who always drive to work every morning can be a witness to “testify” the hectic traffic.

Yes, relying on public transport to get to your destinations does help but the crowd during peak hours can be unbearable at times, especially when the trains are late or not in service, and there is only so much we can tahan. A Malaysian woman recently shared her thoughts about Klang Valley’s traffic on an X post @mirakoru7 and revealed that she had tendered her resignation letter.

She gave up on the never-ending traffic in Klang Valley

Jalan Sesak

The traffic has taken a toll on her mental and emotional health which to her, is NOT worth it.

“Finally, I resigned. I cannot take it anymore with the traffic. I leave home at 6:15am every morning and when I’m home, my husband and kids are asleep.”

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Amirah added that she doesn’t know how to ride a bike, which makes her trip to work even more dreading. Quite surprisingly, Amirah is not the only one who is happy to bid farewell to the traffic in Klang Valley.

“The traffic in KL pains me”

Many other Malaysian netizens admitted that they felt a lot happier after leaving KL and most of them named the traffic as part of the reasons. Some even took the risk by leaving their secured government jobs thanks to the traffic.

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“I resigned without any backup plans. I tried hard in job hunting at my hometown and I was only unemployed for a week. It takes me only 10 minutes to go to work now.”

“I served a month of notice without a Plan B. My notice ends on April 25 and hopefully by then, I will have a new job. It pains me to go through the traffic for 2 hours every day, not to mention to toxic work environment which is draining.”

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“I just tendered my resignation letter. I hope I’ll be strong enough to face the Makciks who will blame me for leaving my government job. They’re going to say I’m ungrateful.”

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“Travelled for over 30KM every day for more than 2 years. Now, I work from home. It wasn’t easy at 1st but it’s much better now.”

“I resigned, too. I couldn’t take it that I had to face clients when I was on vacation with my family and I had to face my laptop. I’m on my career break now and thankfully, I’ll start my new job after Raya.”

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To those who are working in Klang Valley, how long have you been facing the traffic? Do you still have what it takes to embrace the traffic every week?


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Source: Kosmo
Source: 123RF

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