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M’sians Believe We Should Do Away with MCs, Especially for Those Who Are Too Sick to Move


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Source: @cheajibsayang | Twitter & 123RF

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Have you ever felt so sick that you can barely make it out of bed, let alone go to work?

That’s what sick leaves are for, but then you’d still need to get up and going to head to a clinic to get yourself a medical certificate (MC) from a doctor.

One Malaysian, @cheajibsayang, is now contesting the process of having to go get an MC in order to apply for sick leaves as he believes that if he is well enough to wait long hours at a clinic to see a doctor, he might as well go to work.

Mc 6

He wrote, “Whose idea la was it to have to go to a clinic to get an MC if you are sick? If I have the energy to queue for long at a clinic, it’s better that I just go to work. I hope the minister who is handling the Ministry of Health (KKM) can do something.”

It is important to note that KKM has nothing to do with this as it is on employers to create processes for their employees to apply for sick leave.


Many have since agreed with @cheajibsayang, as they too can barely move when they are sick, let alone leave their homes to go see a doctor to get an MC 

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“Agreed! If people are sick, how will they have the energy to do anything. I never understood this.”

Mc 2

“For example, if someone is having stomach pain and is vomiting, feeling like they are going to blackout, do you think they’d have the time to go to a clinic?”

Mc 4

“Something that’s weirded me out from the beginning.”

Mc 3


Though, it appears that some companies are trying to rectify this 

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“My company allows medical leave without an MC but only for 5 days la. With MCs we have a limit of 30 days.”


While we understand that there are some who may use medical leaves as an excuse to skip work, which is why companies need a doctor’s confirmation, but there are those who really do not have the energy and are too weak to move when they’re sick.

What do you think? Should companies implement a limit of medical leaves days without the need for MCs?

Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
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