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M’sians Are Shocked After Realising That Buah Kurma Must be Washed & Peeled Before Eating


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Source: Public Health Malaysia | Twitter & Healthline

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As we are currently in the month of Ramadan, many of us probably break our fasts with dates as they are a staple when you break fast.

When we eat a date, we probably eat it by putting it directly into our mouths and removing the seed afterwards. However, a recent reminder by a health association has probably left us scared of eating dates.

Public Health Malaysia recently posted an infographic on Twitter reminding people not to forget peeling and washing dates before consuming them.


“We don’t know the level of cleanliness that’s inside the date whilst it is being picked and packaged up. Inside of a date, there could be small insects hiding,” they added.

“Don’t be afraid. the nutritional value and the taste of the fruit won’t disappear if you wash it.”

Public Health Malaysia noted that this is to avoid any rottenness, insects, unwanted smells, cockroaches and dust and dirt.


Netizens are shocked after only finding out now

The tweet has amassed plenty of attention and currently sits on over 1,254 likes and 1,686 shares. Plenty of netizens took to the comments section to share how they have lived their entire lives without knowing that you actually have to wash and peel a date.

“I’ve just learnt how to eat a date… and now I see this tweet,” said one user.

Screenshot 1233


Some users expressed their sadness over only finding out about it after having eating it directly for so long. “I’ve been alive for 28 years… I’ve never washed a date… usually I just take it from the box and eat. What is this,” said a user.

“30 years I’ve lived in peace, now after reading this tweet I immediately feel no longer at peace,” commented another.

Screenshot 1234 Screenshot 1235


On the other hand, some expressed their gratitude and said that this is exactly why they don’t like eating dates.

“So I made the correct decision of never eating dates ever since I was young,” said a netizen.

Screenshot 1238


Meanwhile, one user shared their experience of seeing a date that had already been contaminated. “I always peel my dates to eat because I’ve experienced this thing twice.

“I swear I’ve swallowed cockroaches’ eggs inside of a date recently.”

“It looks exactly like in that picture,” said a user.

Screenshot 1237 Screenshot 1236


Although it may take some time to get used to, let’s take this as a reminder to always inspect and wash our food before consuming it.


What do you think of dates? How has this changed your perspective on them? Let us know in the comments.


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