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M’sian Woman Faces Backlash for Sharing Tips on Leaving Husband After a Decade of Sexless Marriage


Source: X | twtsecretsmy

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Marriage often has its share of ups and downs, and divorce can be a stressful and time-consuming process. However, it doesn’t have to be messy. Take it from this anonymous woman who has been sharing tips on navigating divorce.

In a recent anonymous confession shared on @twtsecretsmy, a woman offers her perspective on leaving one’s husband after a decade of a sexless marriage.


In the confession, the woman explains how she suspects that her husband may seek companionship elsewhere and remarry.

Taking matters into her own hands, she has assumed control of her husband’s entire salary, with his trust in her financial management.

“I would only provide him with the necessary funds. I have control over all of his assets,” she added.

She also mentioned how she had asked her husband to transfer the house to their child, to which he complied. Additionally, she asserted that her husband is the type to simply follow whatever she says and is someone who deeply loves his child.


The woman made it clear that she wanted their child to be on her side rather than her husband’s. She mentioned that since she spends most of her time at home with their child, they have a stronger connection compared to the child’s bond with the father.

Seeing her husband showing interest in marrying someone else, she and their child decided to kick him out of the house, claiming it as theirs alone.


Her so-called “helpful” tips garnered a lot attention from online netizens, leading to a flood of comments in the comment section.

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“You have your own agenda. It’s not really about your husband’s desire to marry someone else, it seems more focused on your desire for his wealth.”


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“As a woman, reading your confession angers me. The way you wrote it suggests that a ‘sexless marriage’ is the primary reason your ex-husband seeks another partner, implying you’re to blame or responsible for the situation. Manipulating your ex-husband is an evil act. I hope his soon-to-be new wife comes from a good family and accepts him as he is. It’s better to start anew than to be with someone as manipulative as you.”


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“Did the idea of a sexless marriage originate from your husband or from you? Your confession gives the impression that you’re that type of woman. It appears attention-seeking.”


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You can read the full story down below:

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