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M’sian Confesses to Cheating on Husband Because She’s Bored of Him Due to Lack of Sexual Intimacy


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Source: TikTok | gengtaktakutbini

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Boredom kills… marriages, apparently.

Last year, the TikTok page @gengtaktakutbini shared an anonymous confession of a Malaysian woman, who identified herself as Wawa. She cheated on her husband and while there is no good reason to be dishonest in a relationship/marriage, Wawa had her own reason to do so and she was blatantly honest about it.

Wawa was bored.

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Like any other newlywed, Wawa said she was initially happy at the early stages because she could be intimate with her partner but as time passed, the “thrill” disappeared and Wawa got bored.

“We lacked sexual connection, so I got bored and started cheating on him.”

The thrill of doing bad things sometimes gets you addicted, and Wawa is no stranger to that. She started to have sex with different men.

Despite finding joy in cheap thrills, Wawa admitted that she feels guilty and that her love towards her husband is still there.

“I wanted to change and be a good wife but I just can’t. Without the effort to revive the sexual connection, it seemed impossible.”

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Wawa also said that she has started to understand the feelings of homewreckers out there, and what they feel when they’re out “taking away” other married men.

“I don’t care if he’s married or a divorced man, as long as I get what I want. I learned that sexual intimacy is also important in a relationship,” Wawa explained.

You guessed right. No one likes a cheater, and Wawa’s confession enraged many netizens. It even caused some people to fear getting married in the future.

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“You’re at fault, and still blaming the man. Welcome to Earth, Wawa.”

“Wawa, you’re definitely a problem.”

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“Now I’m afraid to get married.”

“When your marriage depends on lust alone, this is what happens. Don’t skip prayers, remember God and the marriage will stay well forever.”


Serious question here, what do you do when you’re bored? Do you kill the boredom or do you let the boredom kill you?


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