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M’sian Woman Excitedly Shows Off Her Brand New Car, Only to Have It Wrecked by Large Tree 2 Days After


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Source: Instagram | sitiaimy

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How was your experience with your 1st car? For most of us, we remember it vividly, almost as if it were just yesterday. However, for some, it might not be a memory they want to revisit.

In a recent video circulating online, @sitiaimy took to her TikTok to share an amusing moment she experienced with her little sister after her sister received her 1st car.

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God said, “Not on my watch!”

In the video, the 2 sisters can be seen excitedly showing off the new car, recording every inch of it. At one point in the video, Aimy jokingly captioned, “This is where you hide the body,” as they panned the camera to the trunk.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Aimy shared how her little sister got her first-ever car, but unfortunately, on May 25th (2 days after), her sister’s luck ran out when her brand-new car was wrecked while it was parked at her university.

Screenshot 2024 05 29 103902

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It’s just a “scratch”

Aimy went on to explain how her sister’s car was wrecked by a large tree that fell onto it during heavy rain, prompting her sister to inform their family about it in the group chat.

“While our parents immediately asked if she was okay or hurt, my other 2 siblings and I naturally started cracking jokes because that’s just our type of humor. But, of course, we were genuinely concerned too.”

She added that after the rain, volunteers assisted in cutting down the tree and removing it 1st, then helped tow the car to the police station.

She also mentioned they had car insurance, but unfortunately, it didn’t include special perils coverage for natural disasters. As a result, they had to bear substantial repair costs themselves.

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Despite everything, they still had a good laugh about it

Aimy explained that her little sister went to the security office at her university to file a 3rd party claim.

“The process went smoothly, and the staff were very nice and helpful in guiding us, so we’re grateful for that. But since it’s still ongoing, I’m not sure of the total amount of damages yet,” she added.

Despite her sister’s car being wrecked, Aimy and her siblings quickly edited the videos and uploaded them to TikTok because they found the situation unexpectedly funny.

This video has garnered 998.K views and 107.8K likes as at time of writing!


You can watch the amusing video down below:


God said Not on my watch

♬ original sound – sitiaimy – sitiaimy

We’re glad to know that Aimy’s sister is safe and that they could still make a bad situation into something memorable!


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