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M’sian Tells Boss That She’s Taking Leave To Go To Temple & Pray For A BF, Boss Says Go Ahead


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Source: Xiao Hong Shu & 123RF

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Today (August 4) marks Chinese Valentine’s Day. As expected, lovebirds will be celebrating the day after work and some of those who are still single continue to look for a partner.

Recently, a Malaysian girl who is still on the hunt for a lover decided to take today off as she was headed to the temple to pray for a better love life. On the Chinese platform Xiao Hong Shu, she shared a screenshot that shows the conversation with her employer that took place last week, where she asked for a day off as she is on a ‘big mission.’

‘I’ll be away next Thursday (today, August 4). I’m going to the temple to pray.’

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As the employer is also aware of Chinese Valentine’s Day, he simply said yes and approved her leave.

‘Yes, go ahead. Or else you’ll blame me for being single.’

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In the caption of her post, the woman decided to take the day off as she believes praying in the temple on Chinese Valentine’s Day itself for a partner will be more effective and fruitful. So, she decided to be straightforward with her employer and explained the reason to apply for the leave.

‘I have the best boss in the world! His response surprised me!’

Her post on Xiao Hong Shu has gained the attention of many Malaysians, and many of them find it hilarious. Some of them also highlighted how hard it is to find a superior who can joke around with his/her team.

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‘That’s a good boss. A boss who can joke around with his team members is rare nowadays.’

‘Is your boss looking for an assistant?’

In the meantime, other netizens also shared their experience of having a superior who seems to care a lot about their love life.

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‘Every time I apply for a last-minute leave, my boss will ask if I’m going on a date. He won’t approve if I say no. He cares about my love life more than my family does.’

‘Same goes for me. My boss won’t approve if I’m not taking leave to go dating.’

The woman certainly has the guts to be brutally honest with her superior. Would you have done the same and told your boss the whole truth when applying for leave?


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Source: 123RF

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