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M’sian Tears Down Their Coffee Shop After New Property Owner Tried to Steal Their Business


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Business owners will put their heart and soul into building their businesses, whether it be through expansion or through beautification in order to attract more customers.

With that being said, how would you feel if someone tried to take your business away from you, and we don’t mean by luring away your customers through competition.

The kukubesi manipulasi Facebook page recently shared how their friend, who owned a coffee shop, tore down the renovations they had done to their café after a new owner of the property they were renting tripled their rental rate and kicked them out in an effort to steal (or in less aggressive terms, take over) their business.

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They wrote, “The cruelty of the business world. This is the latest story of my friend who runs a hipster coffee shop that has loads of customers that hang out until late at night, until one day they got to know that the owner of the property had sold the place to a new owner. It turns out that the new owner is a customer that often hangs out there.”

“The new owner increased rent by 3 times, my friend’s brain got jammed by this as they had just made huge renovations to their café. My friend thought and thought about it until they agreed to the new rental rate but the owner didn’t agree to continue with my friend’s contract.”


After accepting the loss, their friend then found out that the new property owner had been showing up at the coffee shop early in the morning and asking the staff there about their food and pastries suppliers.

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“But the staff members didn’t know who the suppliers were, only my friend knew. It became to a point where the new property owner was willing to show up even earlier in the morning, before the café opened, to wait for the suppliers to send their food items (my friend saw this on their CCTV footage). Crazy, so persistent in finding out.”

But it doesn’t end there.

While the friend was still running their coffee shop, the new property owner had shown up with a contractor and started measuring the café and even tried to enter the ‘staff only’ area. They were promptly kicked out.


Realising that the new property owner was planning on stealing (or taking over) their nicely renovated, thriving business, the friend decided to tear down all the renovations and return a completely bare unit to the new property owner.

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“My friend immediately started working towards leaving the space until it was time to return the keys. The new property owner was shocked when they received the keys from my friend, the café was cleaned out smoothly and had been returned to it’s original state.”

“All the renovations my friend had made had been torn down and the space was exactly like how my friend had initially received it. The new property owner’s face had turned red upon seeing that the coffee shop had been cleaned out. They were banking on my friend not having enough money to tear down the renovations,” they added.


In the end, the new property owner’s plan to steal the coffee shop had failed and the friend managed to find a more strategic location to reopen their business. While waiting for their location to be ready, the friend temporarily opened a ‘mini café‘ to keep their business running.

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The old location, on the other hand, has apparently not received any new tenants.


We genuinely hope that the coffee shop owner thrives at their new location!

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: 123RF

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