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“Traffic jams reduce my electricity bill” – M’sian Shares 5 “Benefits” of Being Stuck in Traffic


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Source: 123RF & Carsome

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If you are part of the population of Malaysians who prefer or have no choice but to drive to work, you may or may not have gotten used to the terrible traffic jam.

Spending hours in the mornings and evenings just sitting in the car as you inch your way home is definitely not ideal, but there are some positives to this situation.

TZ, a Malaysian who has been back in KL for a month since spending some time abroad and who is “beginning to feel redha (read: zombified) living with traffic jams”, recently shared on his Twitter 5 traffic jam benefits that may help ease feelings of hatred towards the situation.

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1. Traffic jam helps me sleep early every night

According to TZ, he used to hit the sack around midnight, but now he can’t even keep his eyes open past 10pm because the traffic jam is so exhausting to go through.

“I’m an early sleeper now, yay ? Thank you, traffic jam.”

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2. Traffic jam helps me get going super early

As some of you may know, just being 5-10 minute late to leave the house can get you stuck in a longer traffic jam. For TZ, the dread of getting stuck in that massive morning rush hour traffic means he is out on the road by 6.30am.

Wise men say early birds get the worm. I guess I’m living up to these wise words. Yay again,” a numb TZ said.

3. Traffic jam gives me a ‘Me Time’

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“In traffic, it’s just us and our cars. No boss. No colleagues. No pressure to please or be responsible to anyone. Just me, my terrible singing, and other zombified people in their cars who wouldn’t give a damn. Blissful.”

For real though, maybe looking at traffic jams through this perspective can help us engage in some hobbies like knitting, listening to podcasts and audio books and singing!

4. Traffic jam reduces my electricity bill

Spending more time at home means using more electricity. “Imagine the additional amount of electricity we’ll be using if we arrive early at home or go out late because there’s no traffic jam.

“Since realising this, I prayed that the traffic jam will be longer every time I clock out from the office.”

Okay, now he’s definitely just being sarcastic.

5. Traffic jam supports the radio economy

For some of us, music playlists and podcasts have probably took over radio time because who doesn’t like on-demand music and wisdom?

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However, there is still a substantial audience (read: our parents) for radio channels and traffic jams are likely a contributing factor!

“I think radio stations would have been long dead without the traffic jam forcing us to turn on the radio button in the car. Nobody listens to the radio other than traffic jammers. I hope radio stations recognise traffic jam’s contribution.”


And there you have it, 5 benefits to being stuck in a traffic jam! It doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?


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Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
Source: Carsome
Source: R Nadia

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