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“RM15 to RM50” – M’sian Questions Why Food Festival Prices are So Expensive!


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Source: Januar Haikal | Twitter & 123RF

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It’s becoming more and more apparent that the prices of food and drinks in Malaysia are skyrocketing. Gone are the day where you could get full meals for below RM10!

And prices could be increasing because other aspects of running an F&B (food and beverage) business is also becoming more expensive, from renting spaces to the cost of ingredients. With that being said, how much higher should a business price their food from its cost price?

Entrepreneur, Januar Haikal, took to his Twitter page to question why festival food has become so pricey that it’s hitting the RM50 range.

Festival 1

He wrote, “Whoever is determining the prices of food at food festivals now until it’s hitting the RM15 to RM55 range, we seriously need to talk. After all, food festivals are already just like night markets (pasar malam) but why does the prices have to be more expensive than (eateries) inside of malls? Hello, police, look at this!”


He went on to list down all the food items he had purchased at the food festival: 

  • Kunafa Oyen – RM25
  • Fried Cempedak – RM15
  • 2L Avocado drink – RM20 (Jackpot)
  • Cheese tart – RM12
  • Grapes – RM13.65
  • Fried Kuey Teow – RM8
  • Churros – RM8
  • Fluffy Donut – RM5

“Food prices like this is not funny. Just now, I noticed the price of a lamb shank was until RM55”

“Imagine all the fathers who are bringing their 3 to 4 kids to food festivals like this. At least RM200 will be gone. If their kid wants Crombolonis or viral food items, can die already. To all the dads out there who keep their families steadfast, you are all superheroes,” he added.

Festival 2

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Januar also shared that the food items were, in fact, delicious, but the prices were still rather insane.

“All the food that I bought, alhamdulillah, were delicious. There were many people, it was a good event and the flow was beautiful. I went on the last night so it was easier to find a parking spot.”

“It’s just that the prices were shocking, I understand that it could be the price of the space but it still feels like, wow, so expensive,” he explained.


What do you think of the prices at food festivals these days? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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