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M’sian Pays RM1.2K for Seafood Meal in JB Roadside Food Court, Ministry Investigates Restaurant


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Source: Instagram | ekinmawi_cahaya

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If you’re having seafood for lunch or dinner, it’s best to make sure that you have your bulk of cash ready.

Just recently, Ekin Cahaya, the wife of local singer Mawi, visited a seafood restaurant at a roadside food court in Tepian Tebrau, Johor Bahru with her family. Let’s cut to the chase. The meal cost the family RM1,260, and she was baffled by the amount.

“Dear Johoreans, I’d like to ask if this is the common price here?” Ekin asked on her Instagram post.

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We wanted to go through the receipt to see what Ekin had ordered but like Ekin, we couldn’t. The receipt was unreadable and no one could grasp anything from it.

“The best thing about the receipt? We can’t even read it after trying for the 100th times. They look just like a doctor’s handwriting,” Ekin sarcastically remarked.

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However, at the top of the receipt, it is stated that 1 big bowl of rice (for sharing) costs RM10. Ekin ordered 4 big bowls of rice, so that cost her RM40 for white rice alone. To Ekin, the total bill was unreasonable, and she can be heard saying in the video,

“RM1,260 is just unreasonable. We can’t even read the receipt.

In the clip, Ekin managed to show a glimpse of the menu that was hung outside the restaurant. Most of the seafood is calculated based on the market prices.

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Many netizens, however, were not shocked at the prices because some of them were past customers of the place, and some of them also pointed out that the place targets Singaporean customers, hence the high prices.

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“The place is indeed expensive. Because Singaporeans dine in there a lot, so they jack up the prices.”

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“Dangerous. They take the opportunity to jack up the prices, on the excuse that many Singaporeans dine there.”

On the other hand, a report by Sin Chew revealed that The Johor Ministry Of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KDPN) is investigating the viral food court stall. Johor KPDN director, Lilis Saslinda Pornomo said the stall owner can be compounded if no prices were displayed on the menu.

In her post, Ekin did not disclose the exact dishes that she had ordered for the meal or the exact number of pax. Regardless, do you think RM1,260 for a seafood meal is too expensive?


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