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M’sian Mistakes Large Mirror for Hallway at an Apartment & Hits His Face by Accidentally Running into It


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Source: TikTok | jeb4ttt

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Travelling with one’s  friends can only be described as a unique experience. While some use the opportunity to sightsee and enjoy the new places they’ll visit, others get the chance to understand their friends on a deeper level.

Malaysian gamer and content creator Luqman Hakim recently shared a TikTok video to his account @jeb4ttt of him and his friends visiting a snazzy apartment complex. While this may seem rather ordinary at first glance, the events that transpired as soon as they entered the home has people all over the platform laughing without control.

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In the clip, Luqman opens the door of the apartment before walking into the locale. Initially in awe of his surroundings, one of Luqman’s friends, whom is referred to as Zuzu, runs with excitement through the living room. Coming across what he thinks is a hallway, Zuzu dashes straight into it before accidentally slamming his face into a wall, and hard at that. It turns out, Zuzu ran into a mirror.

“Sorry my friend, but I can’t stop laughing,” wrote Luqman in the caption of his post.

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The wide surroundings of the apartment seemed to have tricked Zuzu’s eye, as the placement of the mirror appeared to be that of a doorway, when in actuality, it was just mirroring the living room.

Bursting with laughter, Luqman and all of his friends couldn’t withhold how tickled they were by the incident, with some of them rolling on the floor and asking if the moment was caught on video. Adjusting his nose, Zuzu quietly walked away from the mirror before looking at it once more, to ensure that it wasn’t really a hallway.

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Garnering a massive response online, many people expressed how bad they felt for laughing at Zuzu’s expense, though they couldn’t deny how utterly hilarious the moment was.

“Hahaha, I don’t know if I want to feel sorry or if I want to laugh, ouch brother!” commented one user.

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On the other hand, multiple users also questioned how Zuzu did not see his own reflection in the mirror as he got closer to it.

“He was running fast because he wanted to book his bed first, isn’t it?” jokingly added one user while defending Zuzu.

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Nevertheless, multiple users completely understood how the accident happened, saying that the mirror really did resemble an actual doorway, and that they thought it was a hallway too.

It is the exact same size and shape of the door, I totally understand!” penned another user.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


sorry kawan saya tak mampu nk tahan gelak saya😂

♬ original sound – BatXGaming – BatXGaming

Zuzu, we hope you feel better knowing that you are the source of our laughs today. Get well soon!


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