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M’sian Goes to Barbershop to Get Haircut But Gets a Full Face Rub & We Support This Form of Self-Care!


Source: TikTok | asdfghjkl9801

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For most people, going to the saloon or barbershop is a time for self-care, to just kick back and unwind while you get beautified to your heart’s content. But one Malaysian may have got a massage he didn’t expect or bargain for, to begin with.

A recent TikTok clip posted by user @asdfghjkl9801 has been making waves online after he went to a barbershop, that belongs to his friend, in Kelana Jaya. Seconds after sitting in a barber chair, the hairdresser proceeded to vigorously rub his face with a grey substance. Catching him by surprise, the user sits there while his cheeks, eyes, forehead, and chin are scrubbed thoroughly by the barber.

Casual and unknowing, the barber continues the scour with all his might, even taking the time to chat with other customers sitting in the shop and those who enter soon after. Once the scrub was completed, the man sat almost in shock, as the barber wiped off the scrub gently to start the haircut.

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In a brief conversation with WORLD OF BUZZ, the user stated that he was indeed caught off guard when the barber proceeded to scrub his face, adding that he had just asked for a haircut. However, the user also added that it is a concept practised by the barbershop, to cleanse one’s face before a haircut.

“I am friends with the barber, but every time I go back, I just ask him to give me a cut and wash, that’s all,” said the user to WORLD OF BUZZ.

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Finding humour in the situation, multiple commenters couldn’t help but make jokes at the poster’s expense. While some kidded around saying that the barber had a “vendetta” against him, others added that the barber scrubbed his face so hard that it could have come off altogether.

“He wasn’t ready to get scrubbed and he looked like he couldn’t breathe through it,” light-heartedly commented another user.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


dah sental mcm tu tak putih juga tak tahu la ?#makkitanakbalik #barbershop

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I mean, we would do anything for glistening skin honestly.


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