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M’sian Catches Husband With Another Woman at Raya Market During Midnight, He Calls Her Stupid


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Source: Instagram | datinsyaa.official

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When it’s time for family members to gather around and strengthen the bond while feasting on good food, a Malaysian woman unfortunately doesn’t have that luxury this Raya. Not after she caught her husband cheating with another woman.

On her recent IG post @datinsyaa.official, Atiqah caught her husband in action at a Raya night market, where he was spotted with another woman. Atiqah decided not to waste any more time and confronted the pair on the spot, which immediately got the public’s attention.

“Bro! Bro! Are you cheating?! Are you cheating?!” Atiqah repeatedly and loudly questioned.

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The husband immediately fled the scene while saying “You’re stupid” and shrugging her hands away, and the woman that he was with smiled confusingly at the camera when Atiqah was recording the incident.

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“Are you cheating? Do you know he’s my husband?! Hey, I’m your wife!” Atiqah shouted, and some men around the area were heard cheering.

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In what was supposed to be a “discreet” date, Atiqah’s husband and the lady rushed away from the scene to avoid further embarrassment. Atiqah, however, followed the pair until the end of the video while she screamed at them painfully, watching her other half holding the woman’s hand and “leading her to safety”.

In a brief conversation with WORLD OF BUZZ, Atiqah said that she caught her husband at 1 of the Raya markets around 12:30am on April 8, just a couple of days before Raya. Atiqah tried “digging” some details about the lady who was with her husband but to no avail.

“I asked my husbnd where and how did he meet the woman, but he ignored my question,” she told WORLD OF BUZZ.

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“She didn’t know I was married”

In the meantime, Atiqah’s husband left a message in the post, saying that he wasn’t trying to justify what he did he felt the need to explain some situations.

The woman she was with allegedly did not know about his marriage status.

“I’m not trying to defend her but she’s innocent. I have proof of her innocence and you can DM me if you want it. I can’t say much until we meet at the court.”

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It’s never easy (and it takes a lot of courage) to confront your cheating partner on the spot, especially when you’re married to the person.


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