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M’sian Band Issues Public Apology After Perverted Member Allegedly Stole Girl’s Undergarments


Malaysian Band Apologises After Perverted Member Allegedly Stole A Girl'S Undergarments - World Of Buzz
Source: Twitter

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Sexual predators are everywhere!

They eat, laugh and have meaningful conversations with us without dropping any hints of their psychopathic tendencies. These despicable humans live and lurk among us disguised as our friends or sometimes even as our favourite musicians, like this sexual predator.

In the most recent news, an upcoming Malaysian pop-punk band, Night Skies & Visions, has spoken out about their band mate who was an alleged sexual predator as claimed by a former friend.  

The band that expressed their surprise and disgust took to Twitter to apologise to their fans for their guitarist’s despicable behaviour. The apology was written as below:


Source: twitter

However, the band did not further comment on the issue but assured their fans that they will get to the bottom of this matter. Well, we sure hope they do! 

This apology was released following a viral Twitter thread on their band mate’s alleged sexual predator tendencies. 

According to the thread, the Twitter user, who was initially a friend of this fella, began to notice the weird behaviour patterns that made the guy seem like a pervert. However, paying no heed to the subtle hints, he continued being friends with this guy until he found out that his ‘friend’ was more than just a pervert.

He wrote,

“Based on his behaviour, we knew he was some kind of a pervert – we just didn’t know to what extent. Since nothing actually happened, we kept him around.”

“But, he slowly showed signs of a sexual predator. His Instagram stories, his pervy texts to some of my friends and he (would) also constantly post pictures of him with really pretty girls.”

T 2

Source: twitter

However, the user admitted that these weren’t solid proof but then revealed that his awful tendencies became apparent when they decided to get it on tape. 

“Yesterday (23 June 2018), we finally have proof. We caught him stealing someone’s undergarments (bra and panty) and we got it on tape. The worse part is, the owner of the undergarments is in the same circle of friends and we’re all very close.”

“This happened when the victim realised that almost half of her undergarment wardrobe went missing and noticed that this only happened when we all lepak at her place.”

Well, that’s definitely creepy! 

What Excuse Me Say What Gif

He shared how the guy would search for opportunities to go steal the poor girl’s undergarments by claiming that he wanted to use the toilet. Funnily, the user realised that he never used the toilet downstairs but always opted for the one upstairs.

Initially not suspecting anything of this peculiar behaviour, the user said he thought that he opted to use the toilet upstairs because it was more comfortable.

Seriously though, what’s up with sexual predators’ fascination with undergarments? 

Tenor 1

Having enough of this ridiculousness, the victim finally decided to plot a scheme against the undergarment thief. 

He then continued,

“The victim had enough of it and decided to put a GoPro beside her teddy bear in the room. The footage showed that the Predator entered the room, took the undergarments and escaped in 10 SECONDS. Like a pro!”

The guy didn’t know he was walking straight into a trap as the group of friends have orchestrated the entire scene just to catch him red-handed.

2 5

Source: twitter

And, that’s how you deal with a sexual predator like a pro! 

After catching the evidence on tape, they interrogated him for his side of the story. After trying to lie his way out, the crafty predator finally gave an insensitive “sorry” and admitted to stealing her undergarments for “more than 3 times”.

Still refusing to give in, he justified his actions by stating that it was an “impulse” decision.

“He said that he did it because we left him alone with his thoughts at the living room sometimes. He said that these things would just “cross” his mind”,” he added.

According to the user, they had got it all on tape including his “apology” but will not release the copy unless absolutely needed. Nonetheless, he shared the story because he wants girls to stay vigilant at all times, especially around this particular guy and to ensure he remembers this and takes this as a lesson. 

Ft 40

Source: twitter

After he was exposed, other people came forward, saying that that was not his first pervy attempt. Apparently, he had tried taking pictures of a girl when she was using the toilet! At the time of writing, the guy who was accused of having sexual predator tendencies has deleted his Twitter account.

So, remember ladies – and men – to always stay vigilant of your surroundings! A sexual predator is hard to identify but if the person displays perversion or related behaviour, it’s best if you keep a distance from that person for your own safety.

If similar incidents have happened to you, don’t hesitate to lodge a report to the authorities to ensure that you’re safe from any harm.

Be alert and stay safe, guys! 


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