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M’sian Baker Throws Cookies Off 2nd Storey Home to Show They Can Withstand Harsh Delivery Conditions


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Source: TikTok | amorasloves

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The best part about delivery services is that you can practically receive anything right at your doorstep. The bad part is that sometimes, it may not always come in pristine condition. However, one baker seems to have gotten around this issue, and found a pretty creative way of delivering her items.

Malaysian bakery platform Amora’s Loves has become a staple service when creating brownies, candies, and crunchy cookies. Nevertheless, one of the founder’s latest TikTok creations on the account’s platform @amorasloves, has been making waves online after she threw a package of her crunchy cookies off the second floor of her residence to show how it maintained its durability.

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In the video, the founder, whose name is Amira, recorded the moment someone released the package from the second storey of her home and dropped it on the porch. According to the baker, her reason behind carrying out this process was due to past instances relating to her creations, where she had issues shipping packages of crunchy cookies as they’d break during the delivery process.

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“Because of that, I created a whole new recipe to ensure that these cookies could withstand the craziness of courier services. And to test it out, I threw it from the second floor,” said Amira in the clip.

After taking the cookies out of the package, Amira displayed how they were in an overall good condition, with just a few crumbs noticeably visible  at the bottom of the container. All in all, it seemed as though Amira’s test was a success.

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Garnering a polarising response online, many commenters spoke on the effectiveness of the thick bubble wrap used by Amira in the video.

“That air bubble wrap is amazing and a lifesaver for the crazy courier trips,” commented another user.

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Handing out a tip, one user also advised Amira to layer her delivery boxes with the bubble wrap in the future, as an alternative to what she currently does.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


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While we normally don’t recommend throwing food, but this method of testing its durability is pretty iconic.


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