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M’sian Almost Hits Man on LDP Highway Who Fell Down on Fast Lane After Trying to Cross the Road


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Source: Xiao Hong Shu | 堂弟Sam

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“Always be careful on the road”. A reminder that our loved ones always give but sadly, accidents sometimes happen without warning, and regardless of how careful you are on the road.

A Malaysian man, Sam, however, narrowly escaped an accident when he was recently driving on the LDP highway headed towards Damansara near Paradigm Mall. In his Xiao Hong Shu post @堂弟Sam, Sam shared his dashcam footage that showed another man in his dangerous attempt to cross the road full of speeding cars.

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It was ballsy of the man to cross the road that was like a death trap and just when he was about to make it to the divider in the middle, he fell onto the ground on the fast lane!

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Sam, who was driving in that very lane nearly hit the man but thankfully, his quick response saved the man and himself!

He steered his wheel and managed to avoid the man who cheated death.

“You really have to watch your distance when driving next time,” a relieved Sam wrote in his post.

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Major shock!

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Sam said that despite his swift response, he was shocked by what had happened, and what could have happened.

“I couldn’t feel my legs for a while after that incident.”

The incident took place yesterday (February 13), and based on the dashcam footage Sam shared on his post, the man who fell managed to get back on his feet immediately and got himself to safety.

The car behind Sam also managed to avoid the man.

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“Based on my dashcam footage, he should be fine after he got back up. Thankfully, I didn’t hit him,” Sam told WORLD OF BUZZ.

We cannot even imagine the consequences if Sam, or any unlucky drivers did not manage to steer the wheel or stop on time. The man who crossed the road could’ve been severely injured, and other road users might also have gotten into an accident.

You can watch the video below with the slow-motion effect to see how the man cheated death.

Eyes on the road, everyone. And if this video doesn’t make you cancel your attempt to cross the road dangerously as a shortcut, what will?


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