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M’sia Tech Event Condemned For Stopping Taiwanese Beauty Queen From Participating


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Source: 余宛如 | Facebook & WCIT 2022 Malaysia | Facebook

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The recent 2022 World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) that took place in Penang is receiving backlash from international parties due to the organiser’s actions at the event.

During the conference, Miss Universe contestants were invited to take the stage, address the crowd in their mother tongues and were allowed to wave their national flags, all except for one contestant, Kao Man-jung from Taiwan.

Taiwanese politician, 余宛如 (Karen Yu), who was in attendance, took to her Facebook page to condemn the act as the Taiwanese beauty queen could be seen crying for she was not allowed to participate.

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Yu wrote, “China’s suppression of Taiwan is omnipresent, even in an information industry event. Just now, I was at the 2022 World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) in Penang, Malaysia, and witnessed with my own eyes that Kao Man-jung, who represents Taiwan in the Miss Universe competition, was distressed and cried because of China’s suppression and being unable to take the stage.”

She explained that the Taiwanese party in attendance were excited to see the beauty queen representing their country but when it was her turn to go up on stage, she was held back.

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“It was not until all the beauties came on stage and waved their country’s national flag that she learned that, at the last moment, and because of China’s suppression, the conference could not let the Taiwanese beauty to go on stage,”

“I recorded the whole incident on my phone and at the end, Kao Man-jung couldn’t hide her sadness and tears.”

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Though, Yu also made it clear that the WCIT organisers apologised to the beauty queen and expressed their guilt over the situation.


You can check out the video to the incident here

中國對台灣的打壓無所不在,連資訊界盛會都不放過!就在剛剛,我在馬來西亞檳城2022世界創新與科技大會現場,親眼目睹代表台灣參選亞洲環球小姐的 高曼容,因為中國的打壓,無法上台而委屈落淚。今天是WCIT 2022 World Congress On Innovation & Technology 世界創新與科技大會的第一天,一早開幕儀式,來自各國參選亞洲環球小姐的佳麗,一一受邀上台,用自己的語言跟所有大會的來賓打招呼。台灣團眼尖看見有代表台灣參賽的佳麗,都興奮不已,準備要大聲幫她加油。沒想到輪到台灣佳麗高曼容上台時,她卻被拉住,一直到所有的佳麗都上台、揮舞著自己國家的國旗時,才得知在最後一刻因為中國的打壓,大會不能讓台灣佳麗上台。我的手機錄下整個過程,最後曼容難掩傷心落淚。台灣團當下大喊Taiwan Go,幫高曼容加油,也讓在場的來賓知道,台灣佳麗也有出席。事後我找到曼容,安慰並鼓勵她,WCIT的主辦方也來跟她道歉,主辦方也是在最後一刻才被迫不讓台灣佳麗上台,原因大家心知肚明。中國的無理打壓是民主國家不能忍受的,而我們的路還很長,更要努力與民主國家的朋友繼續努力,只有團結一起加油。———————-補充說明:影片中所拍攝到的男士,他並非是阻止台灣佳麗上台的人,肇事者並不在影片內。後來我追出去門外,WCIT的主辦單位有特別來跟台灣佳麗道歉,並表示對台灣佳麗很愧疚。

Posted by 余宛如 on Monday, September 12, 2022

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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Source: Focus Taiwan
Source: 余宛如

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