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More Jellyfish Spotted in Sabah, Beachgoers Warned That Dead Ones Can Still Release Venom



Dead Jellyfish Can Still Release Venom, Beachgoers Warned After Huge Number Of Jellyfish Spotted In Sabah Coast - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinchew

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Just two months ago (February 2019), Malaysians were warned about the invasion of the killer jellyfish in Sabahan waters and the state fisheries department has recently confirmed that a huge number of jellyfish has been sighted off the shores in Sabah.

Source: Sinchew

According to Sinchew, this situation will likely persist until next month and beachgoers have been urged to be on the lookout for these venomous creatures as a sting from them can potentially trigger life-threatening conditions such as cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Director Dr Ahemad Sade from the department said the jellyfish are booming in terms of number due to the hot and dry weather in Malaysia. To monitor the situation, experts have been sent to collect samples from Tanjung Aru beach in Sabah and the jellyfish have been identified as the ‘sand jellyfish’.

Source: Sinchew

Dr Ahemad Sade added that a sting from this jellyfish will cause an allergic reaction and pain, which in turn would lead to inflammation and swelling at the wound. As such, he urged visitors to pay close attention to the signage and advised them not to pick up the jellyfish even when they are dead because the venom can still be released.

In case you’ve been stung by one, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Get out of the water immediately
  2. Do not remove the tentacles with your hands or wet sand as it would trigger the stinging cells to release more venom into the body
  3. Pour vinegar on the wound for 30 seconds and not urine
  4. Remove the tentacles from your body using a towel or a tweezer
  5. Seek medical help as soon as possible

At the time of writing, swimming is not allowed at Tanjung Aru beach. If you’re planning to visit any beach in Sabah soon, please take note of this. Stay safe guys! 


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