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“Mixed with pig’s blood” – Twitter Page Slammed For Claiming Chinese Text On Banknote Is Black Magic


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Source: Twitter

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Malaysia is a melting pot of different races, religions and cultures. Hence, it is extremely important for us to be understanding and familiar with the tradition of one another.

Recently, a post by a Twitter page named “Tweet Islamik” went viral after it claimed that Chinese writings on a banknote are a curse and that people should not accept such banknotes as it is a mantra.

The post by the page reads, “Black magic (done) to a shop… using paper money that has been cursed with a mantra. It is believed to be written using ink mixed with the blood of a pig. The objective is to curse the shopkeeper. Shopkeepers, be warned if you get such banknotes.”

Screenshot 426


They added that if one were to receive such a banknote, you shouldn’t mix it with the other banknotes as the spell is already “active”.

“The shop will then have less customers, profits will go missing, the shop will appear invisible, the shopkeeper will have a sore body and become lazy to do any work.”

“If you receive a note like this, immediately put it in a plastic bag and soak it inside a salt solution with 3 lime squeezes. Rub off the mantra with coconut soap whilst reading a doa. Insyallah the note can then be used and the spell is cancelled,” they added.


This is false information

The post has gone viral and plenty of netizens have condemned the page for spreading false information.

“Admin, information is now at the tips of your fingertips. Auto translate apps exist. Don’t spread false claims,” said a user.

Screenshot 430


“The ink doesn’t even look like blood. Looks just like the ink from a marker pen. How did you go and assume that it’s from pig’s blood?” asked another user.

Screenshot 429


Another said, “Admin, your words and information should be more accurate. Check before posting, or it’s just false accusations. 1. The ink is not mixed with pig’s blood. 2. The meaning of the Chinese writing is not a curse. Don’t post if you’re unsure.”

Screenshot 427


What does it actually mean?

Meanwhile, a couple of users took the initiative to explain what the text actually means.

“It’s not a mantra, my wife said that this is what Chinese people always write on banknotes to serve as a lucky charm to attract wealth and keep it in their wallets.”

“They write it using permanent marker, with no pig’s blood or anything that could be used as a curse. The words are similar to the ones on the waving cat statues,” they added.

Screenshot 433


Another user said, “Err, that’s just Chinese text. You can see the meaning below. Not sure if it’s a curse but it’s rare for people to curse someone to be rich.”

The meaning of the text is “let riches and treasures come into the house.”

Screenshot 432


Have you ever seen such banknotes or written on them yourself?


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Collage Prayers

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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