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Miss Your Partner? Here Are 6 Virtual Date Ideas M’sian Couples Can Do Together, Even With Friends!


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Source: WOB & Dreamstime

It’s super tempting for couples in Malaysia to see each other in person, but fortunately, many are still smart enough to practise social distancing and do their part in flattening the curve (kudos to you, guys!). It’s super hard to stay distant, right? This is why instead of virtual dinners or online games, we’re here to share six extra interesting date ideas to help you spice up your online dates!

1. Go on an (online) trip down memory lane

Auchentoshan Google Street Laptop

Remember the times you shared your childhood stories with each other? Thanks to the beauty of modern technology, you can now take it further and point out where exactly those events took place.

Just use the Street View feature on Google Maps, and show your partner which primary/secondary schools you studied at, which bars you frequent to enjoy the finest whiskies, favourite restaurants, and more. We can already imagine it’s quite an intimate activity to do. ?

To turn up the fun, you can also let your childhood friends join in, have a few drinks (we’d recommend something playful to drink like the Auchentoshan Three Wood, in which you can taste fruit, hazelnut with hints of cinnamon and lemon, even butterscotch sweetness!  – all in one sip of this fine Single Malt Scotch), and relive even more mischievous things you did when you were younger.


2. Double date “in a bar” + cocktail delivery

Auchentoshan 12Yo 1

Jazz music, soft lighting or candles, and fancy whisky glasses – good thing you can buy all these to have your own bar experience at home. Your partner and friends can also do the same, together creating a shared “virtual bar”.

To top it all off, why not sapot lokal businesses and order exquisite drinks for everyone? ? Plenty of bars in Klang Valley deliver their speciality drinks in convenient packaging – all you have to do is PM them. ?? Perfect for Friday nights after a tiring work week.


Or if you want to be even more adventurous, you can buy your own whisky to either make a delicious cocktail like the Auchentoshan Manhattan, or enjoy them neat or simply on ice. If you have high-quality liquor like the Auchentoshan whisky, it’s almost a guarantee that you’d be savouring your drink, no matter how you drink it. It’s perfect not only for whisky newbies but also for those who enjoy the finer things in life. More on this exquisite scotch later!


3. Host an online movie party

Auchentoshan Date Ideas Netflix Party Lightfield Studios

Who says we still can’t watch movies together with our partner? Simply download the Teleparty app on your PC, boot up any show you want to watch, then create a Teleparty room for them to join and voila.

Better yet, you can even binge watch TV shows and documentaries together, so your options are nigh endless. You can even invite your mutual friends, maybe even another couple, to make this more of a watching par-tay!


Don’t forget to cosy up your space, put on some soft lighting, and get your favourite snacks and the finest glass of whisky you can get your hands on for the ultimate viewing experience. How about kicking back with something smooth and easy to drink? The Auchentoshan 12 Years would be perfect for your relaxing movie enjoyment, a triple-distilled whisky (one of its kind!) with sweet-tasting notes and hints of tangerine and lime.


4. Embark on a much-needed fake-cation

Auchentoshan Date Ideas Fake 2

Black stone beach, pahang

Bring the fun of travelling to you and your partner, in the safety of your respective homes, with a fake vacation! Sign up for virtual tours anywhere across the world – you can even “go” to Disneyland! – or check out interesting places in our home country. You can also make it thematic, like an international foodie trip with your friends, or pretend to bar hop and try different drinks – the only limit is your imagination.

Auchentoshan 12 Years
Osaka Highball with Auchentoshan 12 Years

You can consider checking out Airbnb Experiences – where you can book local activities – too, which has since expanded to include online activities, such as cooking classes, movie trivia nights, and whisky appreciation lessons. You and your boy/girlfriend would then be able to actually taste the smooth, floral freshness alongside a burst of sweet barley and refreshing zestiness when sampling the Auchentoshan 18 Years, a whisky lover’s favourite that your atas friends would undoubtedly bring and let you try.


5. Non-stop singing with online karaoke

Auchentoshan Date Ideas Karaoke Va

Why pay RM20++ per hour when you and your loved one can belt out your favourite songs as much as you want, all night long? It’s as easy as setting up a video call (Google Meet, Discord, whichever you prefer), share your screen, look for instrumental/karaoke versions of your songs on YouTube, and sing your heart out.

If you want your buddies to join in, you only need to arrange a group video call to make that happen – easy as ABC! Remember to get your drinks on too just like at a KTV. If you ask us, nothing beats a good ol’ glass of single malt whisky. Smooth whisky = smoother vocals!

Auchentoshan Ktv Karaoke

Remember to only karaoke like this after the pandemic ah!

Whether you’re on an online date with your partner or celebrating literally any achievements you and your friends made, as long as you have a couple of good drinks to pair your activities with, you’ll be sure to have a good time. This is why we highly recommend getting a bottle or two of exceptional whisky like Auchentoshan to elevate your celebration!


6. A round of dinner delivery roulette, please

Auchentoshan Delivery Roulette Yu Hosoi Vir3A0Rx18W Unsplash

Instead of a near-empty revolver, you and your partner will be armed with a smartphone and food delivery apps to take out (kind of pun intended) each other’s hunger. Either wow them with their favourite burger or gross them out with a coriander-laden meal, the type of surprise you want to give them is entirely up to you.

But beware – you’ll be in the same hot seat as your partner, so God knows what surprise awaits you. Then again, if they order our favourite cocktails to go along with the “bad food” they got us, we probably could forgive them. ?


Wait, what’s Auchentoshan? So hard to say, yet sounds so good

Auchentoshan 18 Years Banner

Auchentoshan is one of the world’s few triple distilled single malt whisky.

Founded in 1823 on the borders of Glasgow, Scotland, Auchentoshan’s (pronounced AU-KEN-TOH-SHAN) unique triple distillation makes it exceptionally smooth and delicate to savour, while infusing it with its own distinctive flavour. You know what they say? Three times’ the charm. ?

If you’re not sure which Auchentoshan whisky try out first, perhaps you can start with Auchentoshan’s core selection comprising these three main stars:

Auchentoshan 12 Years

Auchentoshan 12 Years Ori

  • To the eye: Crispy golden honey hue
  • To the nose: Crème Brulee, with a burst of citrus and Auchentoshan’s signature nuttiness and nature
  • To the tongue: Smooth and sweet, with hints of tangerine and lime
  • To the end: Gingery and slightly dry finish with a satisfying, lingering nuttiness


Auchentoshan Three Wood

Auchentoshan Three Wood Ori

  • To the eye: Rich golden brown
  • To the nose: Blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin notes
  • To the tongue: Fruit, syrup, hazelnut with hints of cinnamon and lemon, followed by an unexpected butterscotch sweetness
  • To the end: Fresh and fruity, with a lasting oaky sweetness


Auchentoshan 18 Years

Auchentoshan 18 Years Ori

  • To the eye: Deep golden summer barley colour
  • To the nose: Fresh tobacco leaf, sweetness, layered with hints of caramelised sugar, green tea and almonds
  • To the tongue: Smooth with a floral freshness and a burst of sweet barley, before a tangy zestiness takes over
  • To the end: Long, lingering and well balanced; invigorates the senses

Man, we just can’t pick which one we’d love to try first – all of them sound so delicious and refreshing! But no matter which one you get, we’re pretty sure that either Auchentoshan whisky will definitely pair well with your date nights, online party, or even a laidback night with zero worries.

Auchentoshan Manhattan
Auchentoshan Manhattan

Want to honour even more memories with an exquisite scotch? Check out Auchentoshan’s finest selection on Wholly Spirits’ website to find out how you can get two bottles for you and your partner.

Cheers to all our victories, both big and small! ?

Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan
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Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan
Source: Auchentoshan

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