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Meet Miracle, A Brave Doggo Who’s Looking For A Forever Home After Fighting For Survival


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TW: This article contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

What would you do if you were to encounter an aggressive, injured dog in the middle of a highway?

Two Malaysians decided to show their kindness, in a harrowing journey towards rehabilitating the poor dog.

Vicneswary Anthony, an animal rescuer, spoke to WORLD OF BUZZ in regards to how she had helped rescue the black dog from the highway along with a kind samaritan who goes by the name of Meng. The kind duo is now looking for a forever home for the rescued dog, Miracle!

The rescue

Vicneswary was heading to work one morning in April when she came across Meng, who was holding a sack and trying to cross the Kesas Highway. It was then that she noticed Miracle, who was dragging his broken hind legs on the fast lane.

She immediately pulled over and joined Meng in his effort to rescue Miracle.

After managing traffic, they finally approached Miracle, who initially showed aggression in an attempt to defend himself. However, they ultimately managed to get him in the sack and to safety.

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“Once we picked up Miracle, I asked him if he was a rescuer and he said no. At that moment, I realised that there truly are amazing human beings around.”

“It’s a normal gesture for a rescuer to stop in such situations but not for a person who does not have any experience. What stopped him to help is his love for other beings, in this case, a voiceless one,” Vicneswary shared.

From there, they decided to take Miracle to a veterinary clinic that Meng was familiar with.

Sadly, that particular veterinary clinic couldn’t help much.

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Upon their arrival, Miracle needed X-ray scans in order for the vet to properly evaluate his injuries, but they did not have the necessary facilities.

Hence, Miracle was sent to a different veterinary clinic for his X-rays and the results determined that he had a severe spinal injury. He was then transferred back to the initial clinic where they were told that there was nothing much they could do for Miracle, as he apparently had no chance of recovery and was behaving aggressively.

Second shot!

Unwilling to give up on Miracle, Vicneswary then decided to try her luck at another veterinarian, the Lee Veterinary Clinic in Kuchai Lama.

Upon explaining Miracle’s condition to the doctor, the doctor seemed optimistic and was ready to help. Feeling positive, she and Meng then headed back to the initial clinic to discharge Miracle, but what they saw next was truly devastating.

Miracle’s condition started getting worse

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When they arrived at the clinic, they found that Miracle’s condition had severely degraded and was far worse than when they had found him.

A part of Miracle’s body that was touching the cage was badly bruised and had developed sores.

Vicneswary demanded an explanation from the staff of the clinic, but all they could say was that Miracle was being aggressive and that they didn’t have the manpower nor expertise to handle him.

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Upon seeing his severe condition, she began to worry that Miracle might not pull through, but with the support of her loved ones, she knew that she could not waste any time.

“Miracle is not my first paralysed rescue. I knew that there were many options that I could try. A wheelchair being one of them.”

“I kept my hopes high, [hoping] that he would at least be able to move around on his own and would not need full-time care. But, what the first vet did really broke my heart. Just because he is paralysed doesn’t mean the first vet should keep him in such a condition,” she added.

At Lee Veterinary Clinic, Dr Lee welcomed Miracle with open arms even though he snapped at her. Upon feeling the loving energy that Dr Lee was giving off, Miracle calmed down and knew that he was in good hands.

Miracle’s progress with Dr Lee

Dr Lee did her best as she and her team shaved, cleaned and treated Miracle’s wounds and bruises, as they determined a recovery plan for him.

They also made sure that Miracle was comfortable, with blankets that will prevent his body from developing more sores and even hand-fed him.

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Vicneswary later received a photo from Dr Lee that made her rest easy. Under Dr Lee’s loving care, Miracle was already looking better!

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In his rehabilitation process, Miracle also fought through numerous sessions with a chiropractor and physiotherapy. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, he is a happy boy.

It was clear that Miracle was not only on the road to recovery, but he was also slowly regaining his trust in humans, thanks to Dr Lee’s amazing medical care, Vicneswary, who stood by Miracle when he was hanging on to dear life, and Meng, who took that first step to save Miracle and give him a second chance at life.

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It is with their unconditional love that Miracle went from being a scared and aggressive dog to the biggest sweetheart anyone could imagine.

Ready for a forever home

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“He’s such a sweetheart! So full of life!”

Vicneswary shared that Miracle is now ready for a forever home and is looking for anyone who can provide a loving environment for him.

“One way to describe him is that he is full of life. Happy go lucky, positive and not even bothered that he can’t walk anymore. Very inquisitive with his surroundings and loves car rides,”

“He demands pets on his head and if you stop, he will push your hands to continue petting. He enjoys food like there is no tomorrow. He is friendly to other humans but selective towards other dogs,” Vicneswary shared.

And one thing is for absolute certain, Miracle is a complete and utter cutie pie with the sweetest eyes.

If you are interested in providing Miracle (who is currently in OUG, Old Klang Road with Vicneswary) with a loving forever home, you can contact Vicneswary at +60 17-586 6544.

I mean, look at him. How can you resist those puppy-dog eyes? What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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