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Man in Thailand Transferred Lottery Winnings To His Wife, She Runs Away With Her Lover After


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Source: The Thaiger & Bangkok Post

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For many people, winning the lottery would seem like a dream as it is their ticket to financial freedom without having to put in the extra work. Unfortunately, winning the lottery is never easy as it solely depends on your luck.

Just recently, a man in Thailand has won over $6,000,000Baht (RM758,000) and brought his wife and kids to collect the prize money. He paid $30,000Baht (RM3,300) for tax and was able to bring home over $5,000,000Baht (RM632,000).

He transferred all his lottery winnings to his wife and prior to that, he has also decided to donate $1,000,000Baht (RM126,400) to a local temple in Thailand. He invited a few of his friends and relatives to witness the donation ceremony.

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“There was a man there at the ceremony whom I’ve never met and when I asked my wife about him, she shrugged it off and said that he was a distant relative”, he said.

After the ceremony ended, he found out that the guy he saw wasn’t a distant relative but her lover. She ran away with her lover shortly after the ceremony and the man had no choice but to file a police report.

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Unfortunately, the police mentioned that they’re unable to do anything or retrieve the money from her as the money has been transferred to her bank account. Even though they have 5 children together, police have also found out that they were never legally married, hence there’s nothing they could do.

“My son then told me that after their mother ran away, she told him about her affair and that she has moved to Nong Khai. He lost contact with her after”, he added.

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This is truly a heartbreaking betrayal story, and we hope that the man can recover from this. What are your thoughts on this incident? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: Pexels
Source: The Thaiger
Source: Pexels

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