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Man In Taiwan Ask Partner To Pay Extra For Eating Two of His Dumplings During Date



Source: Pooja Chaudary/Unsplash & Matt W Newman/Unsplash

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It is very common to see couples sharing and ‘stealing’ each other’s food. 

In a Taiwanese confession page, a confessor talked about their dating experience with their boyfriend of 3 months. The post was originally posted in September, however, it has been making its rounds around social media the past few days.

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The confession begins with the confessor saying that they are currently in a relationship with a man for about three months. Every time they go out for a meal, they will go Dutch on the bill.

So one day, the confessor went out on a date with the boyfriend as usual and they went to a dumpling place. The boyfriend ordered about 15 soup dumplings while the confessor ordered some potstickers (dumplings but pan-fried).

During the meal, the boyfriend asked the confessor whether they wanted to eat some of his dumplings. The confessor then said yes and the boyfriend gave them two of the dumplings.

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However, when it was time to pay the bills, the boyfriend asked the confessor to pay him 16 Taiwanese Dollars (RM2.30) more. The confessor then asked him what the money was for to which the man said,

“One dumpling is 8 Taiwanese Dollars (RM1.15), so by eating two, you owe me 16 Taiwanese Dollars (RM2.30).

Panicking in that situation, the confessor then gave him 20 Taiwanese Dollars (RM4.30). The confessor then goes on to say that although the money doesn’t matter that much to them, the incident left a weird ‘after taste’.

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