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Man in China Goes Home Early for CNY, Gets Scolded by Mum Instead for Earning Lesser Than a Relative


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Source: Oriental Daily & 123RF

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The more you compare, the unhappier you tend to get because whatever it is that you’re making comparisons of, will never be enough unless you practice gratefulness.

A man in China recently decided to head back to his hometown earlier for the CNY celebrations but has since regretted the decision. Well, who wouldn’t be unhappy when their salary is being talked about and compared after all the hard work? The man shared an anonymous post about his frustration of getting scolded for something that is not even his fault.

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“Look at your relative’s son. He’s working at a place now with a monthly salary of RMB20,000 (approximately RM13,400). Do you know how proud his parents are?”


So, to those who are earning RM5,000 below, are we are not good enough?

Sadly, it was not the 1st time the man had to endure the comparison.

“Some things never changed. My mother has always compared me to other kids, even until today. I can’t believe it’s still happening now.”

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What could’ve been a heartwarming catch-up and a harmonious celebration turned into another unwanted comparison, which led to a heartbreak only the man and God could understand.

Safe and sound, that’s all

Netizens, on the other hand, felt that it was not a proper table conversation, and not only that, but they also believed the mother should’ve felt grateful for his return.

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“He’s coming back to have a meal with you, you should be grateful.”

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“Sooner or later, he’ll stop coming home.”

“You fight poison with poison by telling her about how good other parents are.”

“There is nothing to be compared. As long as you’re healthy and safe, with everyone at home, that’s the most important thing.”

“If everyone is healthy and the kids are obedient, that’s more than good enough.”

“I just want my daughter to be happy and healthy. That’s all.”

With the CNY less than 48 hours away, are you anticipating any questions from your family and relatives?


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Source: 123RF

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