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Man Annoyed by Lady Using Phone in Cinema, Dumps Entire Popcorn Box on Her Head


Man Dumps Popcorn Over Lady'S Head In The Cinema - World Of Buzz 3
Source: BBC & Yelp

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Setting: in the cinema. The hall finally turns dark, you settle in your seat cosily with a box of fresh popcorn in your hands. You’re hyped and excited for the movie, but your mood instantly dies when you see a line of bright lights flashing ahead instead of the big screen. Sounds familiar?

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As annoying as it may be, we’re bound to meet at least one or two inconsiderate human beings at the movies. While most of us would just grumble and suck in our frustrations, this man decided to teach them a lesson.

A man and his wife recently went to the cinemas to catch the latest flick ‘Operation Red Sea’ in the Fuyang District, China on February 24. After finding his seat, his attention was not on the big screen in front of him; instead, a bright light shining from the front row caught his eyes.

Man Dumps Popcorn Over Lady's Head In The Cinema - World Of Buzz

Source: videoblocks

The source of light was from a mobile phone screen of a young lady seated at the front row. Apparently, this lady had been preoccupied with her mobile phone even before the start of the movie. She had been busy answering calls and replying messages on her mobile phone. The worst part was, the brightness of her mobile phone was brighter than average, which was a pain to the eye for other movie-goers.

Man Dumps Popcorn Over Lady's Head In The Cinema - World Of Buzz 1

Source: bbc

According to China Press, the man approached the lady by tapping on her shoulder, requesting her to reduce the brightness of the screen.

“Hi there, this is a cinema, where everyone is here to enjoy a movie. With your continuous texting and bright mobile phone screen, how are we supposed to enjoy the movie?” he said softly.

Look, if someone told you off nicely, it’s customary to reflect back on your actions and feel that guilt. Well, for this lady, guess her conscience was dead long ago. She took no care of the man, and still did not leave her sight from her mobile phone. Not even an acknowledgement, how rude! 

Furious that his advice fell on deaf ears, this man had just the perfect way of teaching this young lady a lesson. He proceeded to grab the box of popcorn from his wife and dumped it on the young lady’s head. You read that right, he really dumped the whole box of popcorn on her! 

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This act finally caught the attention of the young lady. She immediately stopped scrolling her mobile phone, and shouted at the man, asking him why he did that. Really need to ask meh? Startled by the commotion, the surrounding people stepped in to stop the fight before it escalated further.

After the movie ended, the duo met again while waiting for the escalator. This time, instead of popcorn being thrown, harsh comments and fists were shoved in each others’ faces. To add on to the fire, the husband of the young lady joined in the fight upon finding his wife and sister caught up in a brawl after exiting the toilet.

Man Dumps Popcorn Over Lady's Head In The Cinema - World Of Buzz 2

Just when you thought the situation couldn’t be worse, the police eventually had to step in to intervene. Unfortunately, the dispute did not stop, and the police had no other option but to bring in both parties to the Chengdong police station. Under the advice of the police, both the man and the young lady finally calmed down, and realised their mistakes. They apologised to each other and offered a handshake of peace.

What a dramatic incident! The next time you want to lash out at someone at the cinema, perhaps it’s wiser not to use your popcorn as it’s too precious to be thrown at inconsiderate people! 


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