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Malaysian Selflessly Rescues Strays & Turns Their Life Around By Giving Them A Furever Home



Source: Arm Si Awan Biru

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This is the story of Tina the stray dog. You may have read about the story of Bobby, If you have not, it will be linked below.

Facebook user Arm Si Awan Biru is a certified dog lover, everywhere he goes, he will make sure that the dogs there are properly fed and taken after.

On 27 October, he took to Facebook to talk about a dog that he took care of named Tina.

Tina is a black and brown dog and she would always be near Arm’s office. Her life is not easy as a stray as she could only eat food scraps of whatever that she can scavenge. As for her water, she drinks rainwater and she sleeps on corridors.

Whenever Arm sees her, he would give her some food and she would always wait for him. Tina soon gave birth to nine little pups and Arm was very concerned for the safety of Tina and the pups as the place where she gave birth in was not very conducive.

One day, there was heavy rain and the place where Tina’s pups were was submerged in water. One by one, Tina carried them outside to the office of the person she trusts most, Arm.

Arm was worried as his office was next to a busy road, so he set out on a mission to clean and renovate the place Tina gave birth.

Fast forward, with the help of Arm’s daily food distribution that consists of boiled chicken and rice, Tina’s pups were able to grow up healthily into strong canines.

Arm also said,

“I learnt to be more responsible by taking care of Tina’s pups as I will have to go to work an hour earlier to feed them.”

No matter rain or shine, Arm will be there to feed them their three meals of the day.

At one point, Tina’s kids did not want to eat chicken anymore so Arm had to change up the menu a little by giving them boiled fish (deboned) and boiled chicken hearts.

“There was not a single time when I sighed at the cost or time spent. To me, I’m satisfied by knowing that the dogs are doing well.”

One day, Tina got into an accident and Arm was inconsolable. He only felt better after knowing that Tina was okay. He then made the decision to spay and vaccinate Tina. As for the medical costs, he managed to crowdfund it from other dog lovers and Tina was warded for nine days.

“I put her in for nine days as I do not want her to get an infection, that will make things way harder.”

Arm, with the help of his friends started looking around for adopters for Tina’s pups.

It was not an easy task but they were able to do it. On one particular day, Tina and her pup were caught and put into the dog pound.

“I couldn’t stop crying. That was the first time that I felt like I had no ego. I begged and cried.”

After the incident, they were able to find a new owner for Tina. The new owner was a sporting person who said that Arm can visit Tina whenever he wants to, he can just give them a call.

Tina has come a long way in life from living on the streets to having a place to call home now. However, she would not have been able to make that transition without the selfless person named Arm.

Arm says:

“I just have one thing to say which is we should always do good to everything that has a life including animals. Everything alive should be appreciated.”

This is such a wholesome story! Do you have any similar stories? Tell us in the comments!


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