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Local Blogger Urges M’sians to Stop White Worshipping, Claims They are ‘Nobodies’ Who Come to M’sia


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Source: Alwin GC | TikTok & Aliff Ahmad | Facebook

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It’s no secret that Asians are amazed and amused by Westerners, so much so that the term White Worshipping has been coined to categorise our obsession and unjustified prestige that us, Asians, give Westerners.

Now, a Malaysian man is hoping we can break this cycle.

Blogger, Aliff Ahmad, took to his Facebook page to urge Malaysians to stop White Worshipping, adding that most Westerners who move to Asian countries to become influencers and content creators often times have failed to take off in their own countries.

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He wrote, “Here’s evidence that our people are still colonised in their minds with White Supremacy.”

“When you successfully marry a Caucasian person, your parents, family and even you would feel proud like you’ve won a trophy. Though, that Caucasian person is just a ‘loser’, ‘nerd’ or ‘broke’ in their country. They’re not the ‘awesome’ ones, because as usual, the ‘awesome’ ones are taken.”


When brown or yellow faces aren’t good enough.

He went on to share how some companies would even purposely hire or use the face of a Caucasian person to speak on their behalf to make them look better.

“When Caucasians come for presentations, our people will still be silent and gape at them. It’s until some companies would hire Caucasians to do their presentations. That’s why many scammers use the names and appearances of Caucasians in the line up of their organisation charts.”

“Remember Bitclub Network? Uinvest? Geneva Gold?”


Come to Malaysia to make it easily make it big!

He even gave examples of Caucasian people who have been in Malaysia for years and became influencers because they learned to speak Bahasa Malaysia.

“If a Caucasian person is good at speaking Malay, they will be picked up, tossed in the air, be given space and opportunities. When Malay people speak English fluently, Caucasians don’t care. Right?”

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Aliff also included an example of a now TV presenter who gained overnight fame in Malaysia (and was given his own primetime travel series) after he learned to speak Malay in the Terengganu dialect.

“When Mat Dan lived in Malaysia for 7 years, what visa did he use? What permit? If you follow his story, he is just a ‘backpacker’ who wanted to go to Australia to work. The story is that, he finished school and continued to travel and live in Malaysia. His educational qualification does not seem to have a Degree or any professional certificates that allow him to live and work in Malaysia.”

“I don’t see any visas or permits that allow him to work in Malaysia. Until he was appointed an ambassador and had his own show on TV. How many Bangladeshis who are fluent in Malay, have a place in our hearts?”


Aliff ended his post by urging Malaysians to stop White Worshipping. 

“Yes, I know there are still some Caucasians who have succeeded in becoming content creators or influencers who make a living and reside in Malaysia. I’m not even sure what permit or visa they use.”

“That’s how our nation always looks up to Caucasians, even though they are just ‘nobodies’ who come to Malaysia. Do you have an answer as to why our people are like this?”


While it is obvious that White Worshipping and White Privilege is a thing in Malaysia, we believe that the sudden influx of Westerners may cause Malaysians to eventually become desensitized.

Do you agree with Aliff’s opinion?

Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Alwin GC
Source: Aliff Ahmad

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