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Learning Beyond The Classroom: 6 Reasons Why M’sians Should Bring Their Kids To Petting Zoos & Farms


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Source: Johnnys_pic & Alex Green

Learning does not only take place in the classroom. In fact, children can acquire a wide range of knowledge and soft skills through everyday activities outside the classroom. Be it picking up a new hobby or visiting different places, children are exposed to different things that can be highly beneficial for their brain and character development. 

If you’re wondering what other places make an ideal learning environment for your kids, let us tell you why petting zoos and farms can be one of the best educational places to visit!


1. Learn with your kids

Many of us are familiar with house pets like cats and dogs. However, when it comes to other non-domesticated animals such as dolphins and meerkats, we barely have the chance to see and learn about them, let alone interact with them. 

Hence, visiting a petting zoo or farm with your children can be a great learning experience for all family members, as we get to learn the unique features of different plants and animals we don’t often encounter!

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2. Strengthen children’s observational skills

Interactions with animals stimulate almost all our children’s senses, including sight, smell, hearing, and touch. The engagement of different senses enhances their observational skills. 

For instance, they may notice that feathers have different textures as compared to wool. This stimulation of a child’s sense of touch develops their tactile perception, which plays an important role in helping them differentiate various textures!

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3. Enhance children’s language skills

Other than stimulating their senses, petting zoos or farms also expose kids to new vocabularies and concepts, which will enhance their language skills. This can be achieved by asking your kids engaging questions throughout the trip, including:

  • What is the name of that animal? Hippopotamus, ostrich, lion, etc.
  • What is that part of the animal called? Hump, trunk, snout, hooves, etc.
  • How does that animal move about? Hop, gallop, slither, swing, etc.

Whether it’s through fun workshops at the zoo or the conversations between family members, children are encouraged to learn and use new words that they have never heard before, especially when they describe the plants and animals they have seen. 

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4. Cultivate courage and compassion among children

Many children find the size of some animals intimidating, like cows and llamas. While adults know that these animals are generally harmless, it’s important to be in their kids’ shoes and help them develop the courage to pet or feed large animals. 

On the other hand, through interacting with meek animals like hamsters and chickens, our kids can learn how to be gentle and caring while feeding, petting or holding them. This cultivates a sense of compassion between children and animals.

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5. Encourage environmental awareness

Our kids are exposed to different methods of animal care when they interact with animals. For example, they get to observe what foods are fed to different animals, and the enclosures that mimic the animals’ natural habitats. These observations help construct their perceptions of wildlife. 

Besides, through the explanations offered by tour guides or zoologists, kids can understand the importance of conserving the environment, which is home to all the plants and animals they encounter.

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6. Strengthen family bonds 

Most importantly, visiting petting zoos and farms creates unique memories that are shared among the family, which strengthens family bonds. Strong family bonds have huge impacts on our children, including:

  • To help children feel secure and loved, which boosts their self-confidence 
  • Resolve family conflicts by enhancing parent-child communication 
  • Cultivate social skills among children to build healthy relationships 

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Therefore, no matter how hectic you are at work, be sure to make some time for your family. From conducting DIY science experiments at home to visiting fun places like petting farms, there are so many interesting and educational things you can do with your children!

And before you start looking for petting zoos or farms to visit this weekend, may we suggest IOI City Farm

Located in IOI City Mall, the largest shopping mall in Malaysia, this indoor farm features over 70 species of plants and animals

Yes, you read that right! Being the perfect edutainment exhibition space, the 18,000-square feet farm consists of two levels and a wide array of family-friendly activities. Here’s everything you can expect from this exciting indoor farm:

Img 4906

Img 4959


There are three equally fun zones! 

IOI City Farm comprises of many living plants, terrestrial, and aquatic animals waiting to be explored. Having qualified botanists, zoologists, and aquarists, the indoor farm makes an ideal learning environment for you and your children! 

The farm is divided into three main sections:

  1. Greenland (the plant zone)
    • Features 111 species of plants through an urban farm, a herb garden, and a carnivorous plant display. 
  2. Little Rimba (the terrestrial animal zone)
    • This is a climate-controlled zone housing 17 species of animals, like rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, and ducklings.
    • Visitors can view them up close and interact with the animals. 
  3. Freshwater World (the aquatic animal zone)
    • Features over 50 freshwater aquatic species such as the Amazonian arapaima, Amur sturgeon, vampire crab, and bamboo shrimp. 
    • Visitors can interact with a team of aquarists. 

Img 4772

Img 4932

Img 4826


Fun workshops and activities await! 

To expand children’s knowledge about the plants and animals they’ve seen, educational workshops and activities will be held regularly. This is yet another opportunity for you to complete tasks with your children and strengthen family bonds!

Img 4873

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Explore different packages that suit your needs

Other than sightseeing tours, IOI City Farm also offers many other packages to suit the needs of each visitor! 

To make reservations or submit enquiries, email ioicityfarm@ioigroup.com and their friendly staff will assist you! 

Ioi City Farm Packages


For more information regarding IOI City Farm, visit their official website. Don’t forget to follow IOI City Farm on Facebook and Instagram!


Source: Hung Ton
Source: Johnnys_pic
Source: Alex Green

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