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Kotex® Celebrated International Women’s Day By Having M’sia’s Largest Online Slumber Party & It Was Epic!



Source: @sofiasabri_ & Kotex

Staying true to being supporters of women’s progress and in conjunction with International Women’s Day, Kotex® hosted Malaysia’s first and largest online slumber party on both Instagram and Facebook.

The event saw over 1,000 people gathered virtually. In an effort to continue paying homage to women’s progress, Kotex® partnered up with top Malaysian social media influencers, Athalia Buswani and Erissa Puteri. The pair hosted fun activities to prove that girls can have it all while they’re on their periods, including having a good night’s sleep to wake up and slay the day!

Kotex hosted the largest online slumber party as a way to bring in International Women’s Day and encourage girls and women to take charge of their day. Kicking off the exciting and largest online slumber party, Erissa led a TikTok dance tutorial to Kotex®’s famous theme song to encourage girls to dance off their period cramps and have the confidence to seize the day, period or not. The night wrapped up with Athalia as she started the conversation about a common unspoken period struggle among every girl: sleeping positions. We all know how an uncomfortable sleep can ruin the start of a new day to slay.

Both girls paid ode to Kotex® Overnight Panties’ 360 anti-leakage protection and Kotex Total Protection Overnight pads which they unveiled in a Kotex® slumber kit along with a Kotex® night robe and sleep eye mask to help them get the best night’s sleep on their periods.

“Kotex has always been at the forefront of addressing women’s period needs to ensure nothing holds her back, not even their period. Women often lose sleep during period nights, worrying about leaks and stains and this International Women’s Day, we wanted to break the chain of these sleepless, worry-ridden period nights. Empowered with our groundbreaking Overnight Panties and Pads range, we are now enabling women to sleep worry-free all night and be charged to slay the next day. The online slumber party, Malaysia’s first and largest, was a celebration of these fun, liberated period nights to tell every Malaysian woman that period or not, she can,” said Radhika Agarwal, Marketing Manager for Kimberly-Clark Malaysia.

Kotex®️ is proud to bring you their groundbreaking Overnight range which promises worry-free, uninterrupted sleep on period nights. Now, you can get 360 anti-leakage protection with Kotex Overnight Panties’ and up to 100% no back leaks with Kotex® Total Protection Overnight Pads so you can sleep all night and slay all day. The Kotex®️ Overnight products are also launched in a brand new packaging, which serves as a testament to a brand new you, ready to take charge of your day.

Can’t wait for a sleep experience like no other even during your period? Get your hands on the Kotex® Overnight range and experience worry-free sleep, this February onwards. Also, to keep up with more of Kotex®’s efforts in support of women’s progress, be sure to follow Kotex® Malaysia on Instagram and Facebook!


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Source: Kotex

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