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Kind Mak Cik Gives Fried Chicken to Stray Dog & Pup That Visit Her Roadside Stall Multiple Times a Week


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Source: TikTok | bellahazizi77

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Finding sustenance is a difficult task for those who do not have a settled place to call home. Therefore, whenever there is someone kind enough to step forward and extend a hand of goodwill to those in need, such a gesture will never go unrecognised.

A recent TikTok video by Malaysian roadside stall owner, Bella Halil, has been making waves online after she shared an interaction between herself and arguably the most adorable customer she’s ever had. In the video posted to her page @bellahazizi77, Bella shared how one stray dog never fails to visit her at the site of her business in Batu Pahat.

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Pure black in colour, the dog, who Bella has named Elizabeth, though calling her Jabeth for short, comes and stands just inches away from Bella’s stall. Understanding why she had come, Bella proceeds to take a piece of fried chicken she made for her business, before placing in on the ground for Jabeth to take with herself. Picking it up with her teeth, Jabeth takes the fried chicken and casually walks away.

In a funny twist, Jabeth comes back shortly thereafter for a second piece, with Bella touchingly giving her another piece before Jabeth tots away with pure joy.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Bella revealed that her 1st encounter with Jabeth was back in 2020. Living near an industrialised area, Bella stated that it was not unusual to see stray dogs walk around the area, though something was different about Jabeth.

“One day, I saw her, and she sat near our stall for awhile, so we decided to give her some chicken. At that time, Jabeth was pregnant, so she ate the whole chicken there itself. From that day on, she’d come to our stall often,” added Bella to WORLD OF BUZZ.

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Continuing on, Bella revealed that she had feared for how Jabeth would receive food for a period of time, as she had gone without executing her business for about two months before this. Luckily, Jabeth still paid Bella a visit after those months passed, but this time, brought her young child along as well.

“I’ve seen her puppy grow, and it is now big already. Till today, we see Elizabeth about three times a week. She will normally eat what we give her, then she’ll take three to four pieces with her back home,” light-heartedly added Bella.

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One of Jabeth’s pups, that is now grown.

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One of Jabeth’s pups, that is now grown.

Touching the hearts of many people online, various users praised and thanked Bella for extending such kindness to Jabeth and her child, as it is not easy for strays to find sustenance. One user even jokingly mentioned that Bella will now have new bodyguards for her stall in the form of Jabeth and her pup.

“You’re an amazing person! May the blessings you and your family receives run over and continue,” commented one user.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


Hari tu jin putih bertandang .. sekarang saka hitam😂😂#cuteanimals #mommydog #kitasama2mahklukciptaantuhan😇

♬ Me and My Pet – Eitan Epstein Music

May your business continue to thrive and may people lead through your message of kindness, Bella!


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