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M’sian Man Praised for Serving Banana Leaf Rice & Feeding Stray Dogs Near His Home in Melaka


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Source: TikTok | datodrmaranarchunan

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In recent days, the fine line diving a shortage of kindness to stray animals and showing them compassion has started to close out, slowly, yet steadily. But one Malaysian man is displaying how no matter what circumstance or situation you are in, kindness will go a long way for those who need it.

Security executive and TikTok creator Maran Archunan recently posted a clip of himself to his page @@datodrmaranarchunan serving food to stray dogs near his home in Rembia, Melaka. Providing the pups with a nice treat, Maran served them some authentic banana leaf rice – with the leaves included too!

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In the video, Maran laid down pieces of banana leaves on the ground near a grassy area, as multiple stray dogs approached him. Excited by his presence, the dogs couldn’t help but wag their tails as he reached into the trunk of his car, grabbing some items he brought along to feed them. One dog even tried jumping into Maran’s car boot, likely to take a closer look at what was inside.

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Carrying a giant pot out of the trunk with his hands, Maran then used a giant spoon to scoop yellow rice out of the pot and onto the banana leaves. Practically swarming the rice, the dogs dig into the delicious rice, enjoying the one-of-a-kind buffet prepared specially for them.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Maran stated that he has been feeding the stray pups in the area for the past three years, adding that they roam around an industrial area near his residence.

“There was a time when I used to pass by the area, and I’d notice many stray dogs walking around while looking for food. I started to feed them from that moment on, and I’ve continued since,” said Maran to WORLD OF BUZZ.

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Receiving praise for his noble deeds, many Malaysians applauded Maran for providing nourishment to the animals, with one user saying how noticeably happy the pups were when they saw him arrive.

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An individual commended Maran for creatively choosing to serve the dogs banana leaf rice, saying that the banana leaf underlay would make it easy for him to recycle after they finish eating, while also ensuring the environment stays clean.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


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May your good deeds inspire those around you to do the same. We salute you Maran!


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