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K-Dramas vs Reality? M’sians Who’ve Been To South Korea Share 5 Things You Can Expect


Wob Jinro Feat 3
Source: Korea Blog & Spot.ph

It’s no secret that many Malaysians are big fans of K-dramas and the whole Korean culture. From the amazing food to their aesthetic fashion, there are just so many things for us to admire!

But it does leave us wondering, is the actual culture similar to what we’ve been seeing in these dreamy K-dramas? Well, we got a few Malaysians who have set foot in South Korea before to share a few things that the rest of us can expect when visiting the land of kimchi and soju!


1. Expect to be mindblown by their modern day-to-day technology

In case you didn’t know, South Korea is one of the most tech-savvy cities in the world! Don’t believe it? You might change your mind when you find out that their internet is the fastest in the whole world! Many foreigners have also shared that they are often surprised by how high tech everything is in South Korea. It’s like stepping into a whole new world!


Some of the intriguing day-to-day technologies you can expect to find there include:

  • Free wifi everywhere in Seoul (is this what heaven is like?).
  • Extremely efficient and reliable public transport.
  • Fully automated, unmanned convenient stores are a new norm there too.


2. Get ready to explore their many interesting cultural activities

Koreanethanbok C

They might be one of the more modern cities in the world but that doesn’t mean their cultures have faded away! There are actually so many interesting cultural activities and experiences that are very unique to us Malaysians that we should definitely try at least once, such as:

  • Visiting their jimjilbang (Korean bathhouse).
  • Experiencing their immersive Karaoke centres.
  • Wearing a Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) to one of their Historical palaces.

We bet you have spotted some of these places in K-dramas before, right? This is why these activities are not-to-be-missed if you want to truly immerse yourself in their culture!



3. From fashion to interior decor, Koreans have their own unique sense of style

Untitled 21

…and it’s definitely oh-so-aesthetic and perfect for the ‘gram! 

When it comes to fashion, Koreans are adored for their minimalistic and clean looks. And it’s not just in K-dramas either. If you walk through the streets of Seoul, you’ll see many well-dressed locals.

Apart from their fashion, Korean-style home decor has also become a rising trend. It is mainly characterised by clean, minimal designs with pops of pastel colours. You can definitely see this when you visit many of the aesthetic cafes around Seoul like this one:

Ezgif 7 590B19E887B4

How gorgeous, right? ? Koreans definitely love their pastel colours and the current trending colour is pastel purple! Speaking of which, it also reminds us of the super aesthetic purple iPhone 12. Did you know that there’s a contest right now where you can win one of these? More on this later! ?

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4. If you’re a foodie, you’ll be spoilt for choice by their insane selection of mouthwatering food 

Soju 6

Don’t you think the food depicted in Korean dramas always look extra delicious? One of the best highlights of visiting Korea is definitely its food. Dare we say it, Korean food has a very unique taste to it that you can’t get anywhere else! From street food to main dishes, it is definitely a haven for foodies everywhere! Some of the must-try cuisines when you’re there include:

  • The worldwide famous Korean BBQ
  • Fried chicken (best paired with Korean drinks like soju!)
  • The comforting ramyun
  • Snacks like Korean pancake and topokki

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5. You’ll be surprised by their drinking culture & etiquette!

Soju Being Poured In A Glass

Much like the depiction in K-dramas, Koreans do have a pretty big drinking culture. In fact, if you ever visit South Korea, make sure you’re familiar with their drinking etiquette:

  • If you are drinking with superiors (whether in terms of age or position), turn your head away as you drink
  • Whether you’re pouring or receiving a drink, you need to hold the bottle/glass with both hands
  • You can fill up everyone’s glasses but your own
  • Drinking sessions are a crucial part of work culture and it’s frowned upon if you don’t attend it

Dscf5282 C 768X530 1

Another interesting thing to note is that Korea also has their very own national drink which is soju! Soju has become a popular drink worldwide for its refreshing taste. If you’re interested to give it a try, we’d recommend having Jinro Soju which is the most famous soju brand in South Korea!

In fact, Jinro Soju has been the no. 1 bestselling spirit for 20 consecutive years in South Korea and even worldwide!

92845873 158210425473040 9161644900625168428 N

The best part is, Jinro is also available in Malaysia which means you won’t even need to travel to South Korea to enjoy it! There are seven different delicious flavours to try:

  • Chamisul Original – containing a higher ABV, the classic flavour that is a favourite among those who enjoy the rich, authentic taste of soju.
  • Chamisul Fresh – this flavour utilises only vegetable-based additives, making the taste lighter and milder compared to the Original flavour.
  • Jinro Green Grape – a very easy-to-drink flavour that offers a fresh clean taste, perfect for those who aren’t heavy drinkers.
  • Jinro Grapefruit – the addition of grapefruit creates a fresh and healthy flavour, making it irresistible to anyone.
  • Jinro Plum – the Jinro Plum has a sweet and clean taste which is a delight to drink, especially if you’re a sweet tooth.
  • Jinro Strawberry – the newest fruity flavour introduces a lighter yet sweet taste that is sure to be a refreshing twist.
  • Jinro Is Back – to commemorate its legacy, Jinro Is Back introduces a vintage 70’s style packaging with its sky blue bottles that are sure to catch the attention of young, trendy drinkers.

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120369557 372033630594894 6499742328654803168 N C

Wait, we have more good news! If you love Jinro Soju as much as we do, you’ll be glad to know that they’re having a special contest you won’t want to miss!

Throughout the month of August, if you buy any Jinro products and enter the Jinro Spin & Win contest, you stand a chance to win an iPhone 12 and other premium items!

Jinro Spin Win Game Pop A5 01 1

That’s right! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on these exclusive prizes which include:

  • Grand Prize: iPhone 12 128GB (Purple) x 2 units
  • Weekly Prize: Apple Watch Series 6 GPS x 2 units
  • Weekly Prize: Apple AirPods Pro x 2 units
  • Daily Prize: 2 bottles of Jinro Soju (Fruit flavours) x 30 units
  • Daily Prize: Jinro IU Gift Pack x 10 units

Are you excited yet? You’ll also be glad to know that the steps to enter this contest is super easy!

  1. Just purchase a minimum of one (1) bottle of Jinro Soju in one (1) receipt.
  2. Snap a picture of the receipt and upload it on the contest’s microsite.
  3. Spin your way to winning some amazing prizes!

Pro tip: the more purchases you make, the more chances you’ll earn to win these amazing prizes! So, better stop waiting around and grab yourself some Jinro Soju now!

But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there!

Jinro has been kind enough to hold another special giveaway with us just for our loyal WORLD OF BUZZ readers. ?

They’re giving away exclusive premiums including a Jinro Dunny Collection (2 sets) and a Jinro Backpack (2 units) to four lucky readers and all you need to do to win is:

Dunny Set And Backpack

  1. Like and Follow both WORLD OF BUZZ and Jinro Malaysia on Facebook.
  2. Share this WOB article post on your Facebook page.
  3. In the comments of this article post, tell us your favourite Jinro flavour and why?

We’ll be picking the most creative answers to win the prizes!

Easy peasy right? Now you have double the chances to win something! 

BTW, Jinro Soju is available for purchase at any local supermarket and hypermarket so make sure to hurry and purchase them to enter the Jinro Spin & Win contest, okay? But if you don’t feel like going out, you can also purchase Jinro online! For those in Central Malaysia, you can visit Boozeat or WineBros. For those in the North, you may visit The Cellar V while those in the South can visit Thong Kee.

If you’d like to know more about Jinro’s products, simply log on to their website here and you can also visit the contest’s site to enter. Don’t forget to also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get all the latest updates!

And remember guys, Jinro products are meant for non-Muslims over the age of 21 only and you should ALWAYS consume responsibly. That means don’t drink and drive okay!


Are you a big K-drama fan? What other interesting things about their culture are you attracted to? Share with us below!

Source: Korea Blog
Source: LiveAtPC
Source: @windanasari
Source: Black Link
Source: @shingweilee
Source: @fatpigdiary
Source: @jazpster

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