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“It’s not fair,” Says Angry PT3 Student Who Studied Hard But His Friends Had ENTIRE Leaked Paper Instead


&Quot;It'S Not Fair,&Quot; Says Angry Pt3 Student Who Studied Hard But His Friends Had Entire Leaked Paper Instead - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Sasbadi Sdn Bhd & Astro Awani

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Betrayed! That’s what this student felt when he was exposed to the leaked papers.

A PT3 student reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ, expressing his great disappointment at his fellow students. As any student would, many found it unfair that others who got the leaked papers will pass effortlessly – while others had to study their butts off.

In his email to WORLD OF BUZZ, the student described his third day of examination vividly:

“That morning, I was stressing myself out, so I asked my friend for help. But instead of helping me, she told me to do this ‘math module’ that she got from her friend.”

“I thought it was a mock paper or something, but I was surprised to find out that it was the same question used in the PT3 math paper afterward. 70% of my friends completed the module and had, of course, managed to answer all of the questions in the real paper.

“I was shocked, really shocked. The module and exam paper were EXACTLY similar. With the front cover and everything. I couldn’t answer some of the questions in the exam, since I just took a quick read of the leaked paper that morning before the examination started.”

“All of the students who didn’t read the leaked paper were furious because the others were obviously CHEATING,” he added, acknowledging that he too was angry that many others would be able to ace the paper without actual study. The students who did not receive the leaked module wanted to make a report on the issue and if possible, trigger a retake of the paper, but, “the students who cheated threatened us.”

According to the student, even the teachers refused to take action on the leaked papers, but instead got mad at the students making the report and told them to leave the issue alone, despite the unfairness to students who actually studied for the paper.

It is also unconfirmed where the source of the leaks came from, but the student suspects that they might have leaked in Kelantan first as he sighted some writing in Kelantanese dialect in Geography and Reka Bentuk Dan Teknologi papers that were leaked to him, but these claims have not been verified. Either way, the scale of this leak means education officials will have to look over their communication chain carefully to make sure this incident does not repeat itself!

The student told us that he simply want everything to be fair.

“I’m writing about this today because I want it to be fair. It’s really wrong for me to just look at all of the cheaters score an A without even having work put into it. I’m not jealous, I just want to be a speaker for all of the students who had been working hard for the PT3 examination.”

“I don’t care if we need to repeat all of the papers.”

He also told us that she wanted to report this matter badly to the Ministry of Education but felt that it wasn’t his place to do it, and so he hopes that more people will share about this critical problem that is threatening the integrity of a major national examination.

We simply can’t allow this! The government better take action about this or we will never produce high-quality students.


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