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“Is that a gun?” – Taiwanese Man Goes MIA After Doing Live Stream at Job Scam Victims’ Hostel in Cambodia


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Source: Facebook | 晚安小雞

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Many job scam victims from Asia have fallen victim to the syndicate, which allegedly operates in Thailand and Cambodia. The movies have taught us that dangerous places like these are often well-guarded, so going in there without any backup is almost equivalent to suicide.

A Taiwanese content creator is believed to have gone missing after his live streaming, which allegedly took place at one of the hostels for the job scam victims in Cambodia. The 70-minute livestream was shared on his Facebook account 晚安小雞  last night (February 12) on the 3rd day of CNY.

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MOST parts of the video show the man exploring around the perimeter of the hostel before he enters a dark, empty building with lights on in certain areas.

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“Is that a gun?”

We have to admit that it was ballsy of him to enter the area without any backup from (or even informing) the authorities. Little did he know, his intention to share with netizens eventually turned ugly for him.

His footsteps were too loud, which raised suspicions among the people patrolling the area. He started to get nervous and hid himself in one of the corners, and started to cry.

“I just wanted to share the place here with all of you. I never expected things to end like this.”

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He then saw one of the men carrying a gun, which elevated his fear.

“Is that a gun? It took me a lot of guts to come here today. To my wife, my family and my followers, I’m so sorry.”

When the patrolmen checked the area with flashlights and guns, he whispered to himself, “Please don’t open fire.”

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When chances arose to escape, the man went down the stairs but that was when his presence was noticed. He ran back up and fell to the ground, and he could be heard grunting in pain.

Before the screen cuts to black, the phone was picked up by one of the patrolmen in military pants and boots, while the content creator lay on the floor.

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“No, he has not contacted me”

In the latest video posted on his Facebook account, his wife and friends shared that as of now, they have yet to hear back from him.

“We tried contacting him, but he is unreachable.”

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His wife also said they have tried asking for help from the authorities and the tour guide in Cambodia, in the hopes of getting updates about his condition.

“There’s nothing we can do now, except to wait.”

You can watch the Facebook live stream here, and his wife’s statement here.

Staged or not, we just hope the man is safe and will be able to return home to his family.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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