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“Insecurity is unavoidable” Research Shows 80% Of M’sians Still Stalk Their Partner’s Ex



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Whether you move to the right or move to the left, at the end of the day, all you got to do is MOVE ON!

A key aspect of every relationship whether it’s new or old is definitely trust! Especially if you’re getting into an adult relationship, you should be aware that everyone has their own history, but it should be something you work out together.

However, at the end of the day, we’re all humans and that nagging feeling of insecurity regarding your partner’s history is going to be there. Insecurity in a relationship is unavoidable as having an ex always provokes all kinds of jealousy and comparisons. Don’t believe us?

Well, a few days ago, the dating app, SweetRing conducted a survey with 500 Malaysians and found that 82% of Malaysians are particularly concerned about their partner’s exes, to the point that they will peek at the social groups of their partner’s exes from time to time.

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“In this regard, most Malaysians believe that the breakup requires a clean separation, and they feel very uncomfortable if their new partner is still keeping up or chatting with the ex.”

These people have also admitted that they have stalked their partner’s exes on social media to ensure they have truly moved on. Interestingly, if these people found out that their new partner is still in contact with their ex, 61% of them will feel insecure. From the 61%, half of these Malaysians think they will consider breaking up while the other half believe they will work harder in the relationship to “raise the bar”.

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As for staying in touch with their exes, the survey also reported that 45% of Malaysians still maintain a relationship with their exes. What’s more surprising is that this percentage also said they would attend the wedding of their exes, if invited.

Aside from that, the responses revealed that they would actually bring their current partners to their ex’s wedding. It is worth noting that men and women react differently while in this situation.

“Most women say that they will definitely dress up to the nines before going for the ceremony. Men on the other hand will make sure to “report” to their partners that they will be attending their ex’s wedding.”

Well, to those in a relationship, would you stalk your partner’s ex? Let us know in the comments section!


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