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INFLUASIA Extends Its Service With BUZZER, A One-Stop Influencer Marketing Agency



Source: Buzzer

In a world where social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, this digital era has brought upon the rise of social media influencers. In fact, influencer marketing is poised to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the coming years. And if your company is looking to tackle the wide influencer market, look no further than the best influencer marketing agency in Malaysia, BUZZER!

Buzzer is rapidly making its way to becoming one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Malaysia. The agency was found by the award-winning media firm, INFLUASIA. In case you didn’t know, INFLUASIA is the parent firm that also houses some of local-favourite media sites such as Lobak Merah, NOODOU, IRL, and even yours truly, WORLD OF BUZZ.

List of INFLUASIA-owned brands.


Using AI-powered and data-driven technology

At BUZZER, their primary focus is to amplify clients’ core message and brand value through a full-service activation campaign that is designed for success.

Often times, clients and brands find it hard to engage with the right influencer/KOL. Some common struggles include,

  • Influecers or KOLs having bought or fake followers
  • Low engagement rates
  • Unsuitable follower base (for instance, a gaming brand engaging a KOL who may have an audience who are into beauty products instead of gaming).

To combat this, BUZZER uses:

  • AI-powered fraud check to verify the KOLs’ audiences
  • Provide over 35 targeting metrics for audience relevancy

The vast technology deployed will provide top-tier results while optimising the budget that’s injected.


Database of over 49,000 local influencers

Housing some of the hottest internet personalities and KOLs in town, BUZZER holds a growing database that reaches more than 49,000 local influencers, giving their experts a perfect field to curate a precise match for every brand.

Buzzer provides their expert advise on the best solution for your brand based on your budget and marketing goals. Whether it’s engaging nano, micro, macro, or mega KOLs – or even a mix of all of them!


What can BUZZER offer?

BUZZER takes pride in providing a 360° influencer marketing solution that includes services such as:

  • Image posting – Clients can reach out to the crown of trendsetting millenials through enticing visuals with clear messaging posted by the most sought-after content creators.
  • Video posting – Clients can also choose to elevate their campaign by transforming their message into relatable and engaging videos that resonates with the followers of Buzzer’s top influencers.
  • Ambassadorship – Through their wide range of talents, clients have a choice to appoint an ambassador that truly resonates with their brand identity, values and ethics.
  • Buzzer Network Program – This program allows clients to establish an influencer community for consistent activations in order to gather passionate advocates of the brand.
  • FAM Trip – Clients can opt this long-term content plan by planning an unforgettable journey with the KOLs which will guarantee immediate impact.
  • CSR Community – This uplifting and impactful strategy can truly build up a positive and engaging identity for the clients while also advocating good values and sustainability.


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How can BUZZER expand your branding?

With BUZZER’s services, clients will be introduced to a hassle-free experience through the help of the best experts in the industry in order to effortlessly navigate the influencer marketing world. These Buzzer’s experts will also help to strategise the best campaign by employing the latest targeting technology so clients can reach out to an audience that will be best-suited for every brand.

A campaign utilising image posting for Boost and Favepay.

Furthermore, with BUZZER, clients will get to have access to Malaysia’s most recognised influencers and KOLs that are also verified and proven with authentic audiences through their AI fraud check. Their extensive portfolio of creators covers more than 49,ooo of the best local nano, micro, macro and even celebrity influencers in Malaysia along with 9 million more names in their global database.

With campaigns that are guaranteed to deliver impactful results through ROI-focused strategies, they have managed to extend their growing list of clientele that includes top industry-players such as Astro, Huawei, Boost, Mamee and many more.

A campaign utilising video posting for Mamee.


So, if you’re looking for a one-stop influencer marketing solution, reach out to BUZZER and start creating highly engaging and impactful campaigns for your brand with some of Malaysia’s top influencers and content creators.

For any inquiries or to find out more about Buzzer, head on to their website here.

Source: BUZZER

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