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“If You Don’t Want to Get Scolded, Then Don’t Do This Kind of Shameful Act”



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Source: Facebook

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Selecting seats for a flight is pretty important, especially for people with long legs. Sometimes it’s okay to pay extra for our comfort, such as in-flight meals and spacious seats. Remember, you gotta pay to get it!

Apparently, this woman failed to understand the quote “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. She took it upon herself to upgrade her seat to a more spacious one, which required reservation in advance and extra chargers.

A Hong Kong netizen shared the incident on his Facebook. He was on a flight via AirAsia back to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur on March 27, and was assigned to the area with spacious seats, which was booked by his friend.

Just when the plane took off, the middle-aged woman naturally got up from her standard seat and made herself comfortable by lying down in a sleeping position on one of the rows of the spacious seats right behind the netizen. This ain’t your house bruh.

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Source: facebook

The cabin crew caught her unethical act, and invited her back to her original seat, stating that passengers are not allowed to change their seats throughout the flight. Instead of cooperating, the woman asked in dissatisfaction, “Why?”.

After four to five minutes of explaining, the woman finally retreated back to her seat. The seats that she occupied were AirAsia’s Hot Seats located in the forward cabin, which are covered with red sleeves on top and come with extra legroom, which of course, requires extra charges.

However, the woman showed no sense of remorse as she proceeded back to the Hot Seats, keeping the cabin crew busy as they had to go through the trouble again, explaining to the passenger why she is not allowed in the seats. This lasted for about four to five minutes too.

You know how people say, “Third time’s the charm”? Yep, this woman again, made herself at home by casually lying on the three seats for the third time, and even played with her mobile phone in hand. An air stewardess approached her again and told her politely to return to her seat, stating that her action of upgrading her seat without authorization is unfair for other passengers.


Source: facebook

Despite the courteous customer service provided by the cabin crew, the woman responded even more vilely, causing a scene on the flight and was absolutely reluctant to leave the seat. We wonder how many layers of fats are under that skin of hers.

The netizen seated in the row in front of her could not tahan any longer with the aunty’s antics, so he got up onto his feet and lashed out at her loudly in front of everyone on board.

“If you don’t want to get scolded, then don’t do this kind of shameful act. You are already at this age, yet you are still acting in such an immature way. The cabin crew has politely asked you three times not to sit there but still, you insist on sitting there,” the netizen said.

The woman responded by saying that it was none of his business, only to be bashed back by the netizen who said, “I know it’s none of my business, but I want to scold you because you know no shame.”

Well done, sir! 


Source: facebook

She swatted him away by calling him crazy. Furious that the woman was still not guilty over her actions, the netizen presented a comeback that (if you ask us us) deserves a standing ovation: “You’re so old already, but still being so immature. Why don’t you be a person with disabled needs then?”

Finally, the woman returned to her seat after being criticised harshly for her immoral act. After 10 minutes, the cabin crew approached the netizen to thank him.

According to the air stewardess, there are often guests with such inconsiderate attitudes, which make them feel helpless during each encounter. As a token of gratitude, they gave him and his two other friends seated next to him a cup of mineral water each. We’d give this guy a medal! 

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Source: facebook

According to another passenger on board, the woman had attempted to cut the line from behind while boarding the plane. Even worse, she did not cover her mouth when sneezing, with her mucus flying out in all directions. NO, A BIG FAT NO. 

Check out the video of the incident here:

Remember to behave like a civil person even when you’re up in the air! 


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