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Hygiene Over Frugality: M’sians Need to STOP Skimping on These 5 Toiletries!


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When it comes to shopping, it’s pretty much the true Malaysian way to save money at every opportunity we can get, especially for essential products. And while we can’t argue that cutting down on expenses is rarely a bad thing, our hygiene is one aspect of our lives that we REALLY should never skimp out on.

It’s a dirty world out there, so you would do well not to sacrifice your own cleanliness just for a bit of frugality. So don’t ever, EVER skip out on buying these five toiletry products to maintain your personal hygiene!

1. Towels – Buy separate ones for your body and face

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Dermatologists’ studies have shown repeatedly that sometimes your towel could be the cause of your skin issues. The products that you put on your body and hair such as fragrances and moisturisers will almost always end up on your towel. And if you put them on your face and body interchangeably, then it might trigger undesirable reactions from your skin.

Now, you don’t have to do something as drastic as buying a new towel every week; just use different towels for your body and face. And if your hair care regimen is a bit elaborate, use a different towel for that one too. Although we must add, if your skin is really acne-prone then it might not be a bad idea to replace your towels every few months.

And speaking of toiletries you should replace them every few months…


2. Toothbrushes and floss – Your whole mouth will thank you later

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Remember, your toothbrush is not indestructible, and using worn-out toothbrushes will render your dental care useless. So change out your toothbrush after three or four months of use, lest the bristles will start to wear down and won’t be able to chip away at your tartar and plaque. Don’t want the buildup of those two things to lead to a bunch of nasty dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay!

But don’t just rely on your toothbrush for oral health! Brushing only covers three out of five of your teeth’s surfaces due to the limited range of your toothbrush. So remember to floss before brushing, as flossing does about 40% of the work needed to remove bacteria and plaque in the spaces and gum between your teeth.


3. Razors – Stay sharp for your grooming routine

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Now, we move on to an often-neglected aspect of our grooming: our razor. First off, you would do well to invest in higher-end razors as the cheaper ones are notorious for causing nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs. If you wanna go the extra mile with your grooming routine, then use an electric shaver, which rolls up the skin to shave off your hairs easier! 

Or if you don’t want to bother with batteries or charging, then any high-quality manual razor will work just fine. Just make sure to change them out after the slightest sign of rust. If you wanna be just a tad bit frugal with those razors, then consider buying the ones with changeable blades. But remember, quality over frugality!


4. Toilet paper – Malaysians, don’t take your bidet for granted

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As Malaysians, we all know that the bidet is our best friend in the bathroom. They’re great for cleaning yourself down there after answering nature’s call. And even experts agree that washing is more hygienic than just wiping after you finish your daily business! But remember, all it takes is one water disruption to render your bidet useless.

You know what they say, “Prepare an umbrella before it rains”! So have some toilet paper safely stored in your home’s bathroom or have a packet of tissues handy when you’re going out. And while you’re at it, go for the slightly pricier brands as their higher quality makes them more durable for use. Even if there’s water available, you’re still encouraged to use toilet paper to dry yourself down there, as dampness may lead to all sorts of nasty infections where the sun doesn’t shine. 🤢


5. Body wash and deodorant – Especially if you exercise regularly

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Needless to say, showers are important to keep our bodies fresh and free of odour after a strenuous day of work and/or exercise. But sometimes, what you shower with is just as vital as the shower itself, as different lifestyles warrant using different body care products. Those of us who are a bit more on the active side especially will need to find the most suitable body wash to really rid the evidence of a gruelling workout afterwards.

And the same could be said for the deodorant we use, too! Bacteria grows on our body 24/7, which means bad body odour could come haunting at any time. So of course you will need something that really does the job in effectively fighting against your own perspiration and BO especially if you’re one of the more sporty people.


“But there are so many products to choose from, even for athletes! How do I know which one is the right one for me?” We’re glad you asked because we’ve found the best line of body care products for you!

Beauty? Fitness? With Adidas‘ athlete-tested and reviewed Ice Dive body care range, you can have BOTH!

With the goal of fusing sport and beauty in a unique way, Adidas’ Ice Dive body care product range fulfils that objective by combining their unique knowledge of an active human body and their innovative body care formulas.

Through their Ice Dive range, Adidas is dead set on becoming the best sports brand in the world by offering the best and most complete body care line to keep you at your best 24/7/365!

Here are the products available in Adidas’ Ice Dive range!:

1. Ice Dive Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Using notes of mint leaves, geranium, vanilla, and many other ingredients, this fragrance is perfect for men who love to let loose with their adventurous spirit.

  • Inspired by the strength and freshness of the ocean
    • Long-lasting scent
    • Woody and aromatic fragrance
  • Price: 100ml, RM32.90

2. Ice Dive Deodorant Spray 

Using their unique Cool & Dry formula, this deodorant’s sweat and odour-defence properties provide THE all-day solution for sporty Malaysians everywhere.

  • Fresh & Tonic
    • Formulated with unique Adidas Cool & Dry formula providing 48-hour sweat and odour protection
    • 0% aluminum salts
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Respects skin pH
    • Clean, fresh and ozonic fragrance
  • Price: 150ml, RM17.90 (RM27.90 for Twin Pack)

3. Ice Dive Deodorant Roll-On 

With their 48-hour protection formula and refreshing scent, this roll-on is bound to beat Malaysians’ sweat and odour without beating their spirit!

  • Fresh & Tonic
    • Formulated with unique Adidas Cool & Dry formula providing 48-hour sweat and odour protection
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Respects skin pH
    • Clean, fresh and ozonic fragrance
  • Price: 40ml, RM8.90 (RM13.90 for Twin Pack)

4. Ice Dive Shower Gel 

This shower gel’s 3-in-1 technology provides complete care for the 3 main areas of your body and invigorates you to unlock your full potential in even the most extreme sport you could dream of pursuing!

  • Refreshing
    • 3-in-1 (Body, Hair, Face)
    • Dermatologically tested
    • pH-balanced formula, suitable for everyday use
    • Clean, fresh and ozonic fragrance

By delivering freshness and uplifting sensations, the Ice Dive range ensures that users will get the most out of exceptional hygiene and body protection even in the most extreme conditions.

Want to make a difference with your game, life AND your world? Then hit up Adidas for their cool Ice Dive products now!

To purchase or learn more about Adidas’ Ice Dive body care products, visit one of these online stores:


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Source: alexat25
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