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“Don’t place gas cylinder under stove!” – Here Are 5 Tips For You To Use Gas Cylinders Safely


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Most of us Malaysians use gas cylinders in order to cook.

However, we recently found out that there are tips that we need to take into account to use gas cylinders safely. If not, it might cause unwanted explosions! Wah, all this while I’ve just been simply using it!

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So, we went to the Petronas website to search for some tips and here’s what we managed to get.


1. Keep a safe distance between the gas cylinder and the stove

Ideally, there should be a distance of 1 to 1.5 metres between the gas cylinder and the stove or any other source of heat. It is also important that the stove is placed higher than your gas cylinder.

Gas Cylinder Placed Higher


2. Don’t keep your gas cylinder in an enclosed space

You must store the gas cylinder in an open space with good ventilation. If you don’t like the aesthetics of it, you can keep it in a cabinet, however, you need to make sure that the cabinet is well-ventilated.


3. Be vigilant

If you feel like it smells weird (onions, durians or cooked cabbage), you might need to check your gas cylinder as there may be leaks. Turn off the stove and any fire sources and do not use any electrical appliances. You should open up the windows so that the gas dissipates.


4. Locating the gas leak

Continuing from tip #3, you should do a test to locate the gas leak. In order to do so, you can take some soapy water and put it on the gas regulator and hose with a sponge or a spray bottle. If there are bubbles forming, it means that it is leaking; you should remove the regulator and bring the cylinder to a well-ventilated area.

Gas Clinder Soap Test


5. Always check your hose and regulator

By the recommendation of Petronas, the gas hose should be changed every 2 years while the regulator should be changed every 5 years. If you’re buying new ones, remember to look out for the SIRIM logo!


This is important knowledge that everyone should know. In any event, if there is a fire, remember to contact your local firemen using the 999 hotline.


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Source: Petronas
Source: Petronas

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