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Gen Z = Lazy? 5 Unexpected Hurdles M’sian Interns & Fresh Grads Have to Overcome


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Diving into the professional scene as a fresher comes with a myriad of unexpected hurdles that many Malaysians are not prepared for. But fret not, there are effective ways to overcome these challenges! Keep on reading to find out how!


1. Asking for feedback professionally 

During college, you get feedback from professors easily through assignments and class discussions. But once you step into the professional world, you’re likely to receive sporadic comments here and there until your annual performance review rolls in. This makes it challenging to track your performance at work! 

What to do: Seek feedback proactively by scheduling quarterly one-on-one meetings with your superiors to assess your performance. Make sure to receive both positive and negative feedback in a poised, professional manner! 

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2. Networking in a professional setting

Instead of like-minded peers, you’re surrounded by professionals of various backgrounds and experiences at work. Consequently, you might find it difficult to build meaningful professional relationships that will benefit your career — you can’t be talking about your favourite video games, right?

What to do: Initiate conversations with professionals online (e.g. LinkedIn) and offline (e.g. networking events, career fairs). Leveraging your age and seeking guidance or advice can be a good conversation starter! 

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3. Navigating workplace communication and taboos

University education frequently overlooks crucial workplace communication skills, such as writing formal emails and avoiding workplace taboos. Without a solid understanding of workplace communication, you might find yourselves in awkward situations, unwittingly revealing a lack of professionalism!

What to do: Utilise email templates to streamline your email-writing skills. Conduct thorough research on workplace etiquette and avoid sensitive topics like salary, political views, and career plans (e.g. job hunting progress, interviews with other employers). 

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4. Dealing with generational stereotypes

Unfortunately, the workforce is not free of age bias. As interns and fresh graduates step into the workforce, they often find themselves labelled with generational stereotypes, such as:

  • Gen Zs are lazy quiet quitters. 
  • Younger generations don’t care about salary. 
  • Millennials are entitled and difficult to work with. 

What to do: Call out coworkers when they make stereotypical remarks. Seek mentorship programs or collaboration opportunities with colleagues of varying age groups to bridge the generational gap. 

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5. Negotiating salary and employee benefits 

Securing competitive salaries and benefits can be a challenge for interns and fresh graduates who need more negotiation skills. They tend to accept the initial offers, fearing that requesting more might jeopardise the job opportunity altogether!

What to do: Cultivate confidence and approach negotiations with strategy. Back your salary and benefit expectations with compelling reasons, such as by emphasising your skills and linking them to market value as well as highlighting the contributions you can make to the organisation.  

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Now that you know what challenges lie ahead, you’re ready to venture into the workplace confidently!

That being said, with so many job-seeking websites available, the quest for the perfect job can easily become overwhelming and downright tedious. If you’re feeling lost in the labyrinth of options, fear not! We’ve uncovered a virtual career fair that can be your one-stop-platform for all things job-related:

This 21 – 23 November, it’s your chance to discover new opportunities and possibly land a dream job via mynext Internship Market Week 2023 organised by TalentCorp

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Powered by MySIP, mynext Internship Market Week by TalentCorp is a virtual career fair designed for freshers to connect with top employers and hone their professional skills. It is packed with valuable resources and networking opportunities to kick-start your career with a bang! Here’s what you can expect:


  • Paid internship programs 

Interns, rejoice! Most participating employers in the career fair are MySIP-endorsed companies that guarantee a monthly allowance for interns to cover their living expenses. Not only that, they are also known for offering structured internship programs that can steepen your learning curve!

Excited for a fulfilling internship experience? Check out this list of MySIP-endorsed companies you can connect with: 

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  • Employment opportunities

Fresh graduates, ease your job-hunting journey by seizing the golden opportunity to network with industry professionals! Get ready to engage with top employers of various sectors through live chats with potential employers and online interview sessions

By interacting with seasoned experts, you can glean invaluable insights from the industry. If you find a suitable job opening, make sure to apply directly on the website by following these simple steps:

    1. Login to www.internshipmarketweek.com OR simply scan the QR code below
    2. On the dashboard, select ‘Job Post’ to see a list of job openings. 
    3. Click ‘Apply’ on the job opening you’re interested in.

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  • Career talks and webinars

We get it, entering the workforce can be scary and daunting. But don’t you worry! This career fair is all set to gear you up with informative career talks by industry experts and interactive webinars. Topics will include:

    • Career Roadmap & Getting Paid Internship
    • Knowing Yourself via Mynext
    • Create Your Million-Worth Resume
    • Interview? Easy-Peasy 

The best thing is that you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and expand your professional horizons right from the comfort of your home! 

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Through mynext Internship Market Week 2023 by TalentCorp, interns and fresh graduates alike can explore a multitude of possibilities, all in one place! Whether you’re growing your professional network or scouting for that dream job, this virtual career fair offers the ultimate platform and resources essential to fueling your career growth. 

So, are you ready to drive your career forward? Sign up for the virtual career fair now! For more information regarding the career fair, visit their official website. Don’t forget to follow mynext on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

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